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Family: Violaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Viola aduncaEarly VioletCollections in ARCTOS mapped from the northern mainland.
Viola bifloraArctic Yellow VioletCollections mapped in ARCTOS from the southern outer islands and near Yakutat. Unclear which variety occurs in the region (FNA suggests var biflora should be expected, but distribution of records makes carlottae seem plausible)
Viola epipsilaMarsh VioletCollections mapped in ARCTOS across the region primarily from the mainland, but also Revillagigedo and Baranof Islands.
Viola glabellaStream VioletScattered collections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Viola langsdorfiiAlaska VioletCollections in ARCTOS from throughout the region.
Viola palustrisMarsh VioletNo collections in ARCTOS from the region. Some authors have included Marsh Violet (Viola epipsila) as a synonym of this species, though FNA does not.
Viola renifoliaWhite VioletA single 1949 collection (of several plants) from Juneau is the only record in ARCTOS from the region.
Viola selkirkiiSelkirk's VioletThree collections from Juneau (1939, 1941, and 1961) are the only records mapped in ARCTOS from the region.
Viola sempervirensEvergreen VioletA single collection from Montague Island (Prince William Sound) is the only record in ARCTOS. Hulten shows a report from Prince of Wales Island. Each of these is well outside the typical range (based on e-Flora BC maps).