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Family: Vespertilionidae

Group: Mammal, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Lasionycteris noctivagansSilver-haired BatSoutheast Alaska seems to be at the northern edge of this species' range and distribution in the region is poorly known. Only a few specimens have been collected from the region, including Ketchikan, Wrangell, and Petersburg. More recently, acoustic monitoring has shown they are present at Gustavus.
Lasiurus cinereusHoary BatThis species is so far known only from calls detected by passive acoustic monitoring. This monitoring has been going on since 2012(?) throughout the region as part of a project run by the ADF&G (per talk given by Karen Blejwas in Sitka, 10 March 2014).
Myosotis yumanensisYuma MyotisKnown from extreme southeastern part of region (from a paper published in 2014 in "Northwestern Naturalist" by Olson, MacDonald, and Blejwas).
Myotis californicusCalifornia MyotisKnown primarily from the southern outer islands, and the El Capitan Cave area of Prince of Wales Island in particular. They may be more widespread in the region (and there is at least one report from northern Southeast) - recent and on-going work by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (non-game division) may reveal more about the distribution of this species in the region.
Myotis keeniiKeen's Myotis
Myotis lucifugusLittle Brown BatCommon, occasionally found in attics.
Myotis volansLong-legged Myotis