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Default City Sitka
Default Coordinates 57.054362440005, -135.32649993897
Default Name Matt Goff
User Info Aspiring to learn as much as possible about the natural history of the Sitka area.

Observations saved in the wiki with Matt Goff recorded as an observer.

Observation Label Observation Date Species Observed Observation Summary
SBBP 4255 15 March 2022 Dark-eyed Junco
SBBP 4212 10 July 2020 Dark-eyed Junco
SBBP 4168 17 November 2019 Dark-eyed Junco
SBBP 4112 14 May 2018 Dark-eyed Junco
SBBP 4109 30 April 2018 Song Sparrow
SBBP 4086 11 November 2017 Dark-eyed Junco
SBBP 584 2 March 2016 Song Sparrow
SBBP 501 15 November 2015 Dark-eyed Junco
SBBP 437 21 February 2015 Song Sparrow
Mgoff 561 8 February 2015 Hypomyces aurantius Growing from cut end of a log (log was not at least several years old).
Mgoff 560 1 February 2015 Pogonatum dentatum Growing densely on mound of soil that was probably disturbed when trail was constructed but is now largely covered with various bryophytes.
Mgoff 562 1 February 2015 Oligotrichum aligerum
SBBP 395 10 January 2015 Dark-eyed Junco
SBBP 387 28 December 2014 Dark-eyed Junco
Mgoff 557 17 December 2014 Rattus norvegicus Observed eating sunflower seeds spread for birds.
Mgoff 556 11 December 2014 Cladonia Growing on gravel among alders.
Mgoff 555 8 December 2014 Mountain Bluebird Observed moving along fence line and side of road. Apparently foraging as it went.
SBBP 347 29 November 2014 Song Sparrow
Mgoff 544 9 November 2014 Tennessee Warbler First observed near True Value, then it flew across street to shrubs by the old Moore Clinic. Feeding mostly on ground or in short shrubs while I observed it.
Mgoff 543 7 November 2014 Zygomycota Observed growing from fairly old looking dog poop. At least a couple of piles in the same empty lot had these fungi growing from them.
Mgoff 541 4 November 2014 Red Phalarope Two observed feeding in the channel.
Mgoff 542 4 November 2014 Sabine's Gull A lone juvenile was flying around the channel late in the afternoon.
Mgoff 536 26 October 2014 Cassin's Auklet At least two, and probably more were in the area.
Mgoff 537 26 October 2014 Agaricales Growing in an open area (no sphagnum) with Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), Labrador Tea (Ledum groenlandicum), and heavily browsed Rusty Menziesia (Menziesia ferruginea) among other things.
Mgoff 539 24 October 2014 Oligochaeta Earthworm found under long abandoned piece of plastic in the forest.
Mgoff 540 24 October 2014 Oligochaeta Rubber egg-shaped objects found under an abandoned piece of plastic on forest floor. Earthworm coccoons?
Mgoff 538 24 October 2014 Pleuroziopsis ruthenica, Alnus rubra Seems unusual to see Pleuroziopsis ruthenica as an epiphyte.
Mgoff 535 8 October 2014 Eristalis tenax At least three flying around feeding on dandelion flowers and resting on other vegetation in the sun. Perhaps laying eggs in piles of landscaping waste (Pioneer home garden seems to use area at base of blockhouse hill for dumping stuff)
SBBP 320 6 October 2014 Dark-eyed Junco
Mgoff 533 5 October 2014 Cortinarius Growing at base of Vaccinium bush beside trail.
Mgoff 534 5 October 2014 Agaricales Growing from rotten stump. Two mushrooms at different ages, thought to be same species.
SBBP 316 29 September 2014 Dark-eyed Junco
Mgoff 531 28 September 2014 Russula Growing in forest. Cap seemed at least a bit viscid.
Mgoff 527 28 September 2014 Sphagnum Growing in wet transitional area.
Mgoff 532 28 September 2014 Russula Growing forest. Possibly same species as in Observation:Mgoff_531? Cap seemed a bit viscid.
Mgoff 528 28 September 2014 Suillus tomentosus Growing in muskeg/forest transition area.
Mgoff 526 28 September 2014 Northern Mockingbird, Sorbus aucuparia mockingbird has been present in neighborhood for at least 4 days, and perhaps closer to a month (a neighbor said it had been around a while). Seemed to mostly hang in the bushes, but would come out regularly to feed on berries of mountain ash.
Mgoff 530 28 September 2014 Cladonia rangiferina Growing in transition between forest and muskeg. Positive reaction with KOH (it reacted)
SBBP 312 26 September 2014 Dark-eyed Junco
Mgoff 525 26 September 2014 Dark-eyed Junco, Epilobium ciliatum I've regularly been seeing juncos running their bills along the seed pods of Glandular Willow-herb (Epilobium ciliatum) in the yard (presumably) to get the seeds. I'm not sure if they also are just consuming the down that is attached to the seeds, or if they're able to get the seeds out of it.
SBBP 311 24 September 2014 Dark-eyed Junco
Mgoff 524 22 September 2014 Pigeon Guillemot, Pandalus danae Immature Pigeon Guillemot was repeatedly diving (for food, presumably) in the harbor. It took a little effort to get the Dock Shrimp (Pandalus danae) seen here consumed. It had been seen in the harbor for at least 3 days before I observed it. (Shrimp identified from photo by Aaron Baldwin.
Mgoff 522 20 September 2014 Cortinariaceae Growing from ground.
SBBP 310 18 September 2014 Dark-eyed Junco
Mgoff 516 17 September 2014 Diptera, Collembola Several other flies were also on the pool surface, they were more flighty than this one (maybe because they didn't have a springtail?). Not sure if the springtail is being consumed, but it seems plausible.

Mgoff 517 17 September 2014 Tyromyces chioneus Observed on log that made up the trail border (species uncertain)
Mgoff 518 17 September 2014 Hydnellum aurantiacum Growing from ground near trail. Several clusters.
Mgoff 511 12 September 2014 Sphagnum Two different colors (with intermediate strands, also) making up a (fast growing?) hummock - same hummock as in Observation:Mgoff_332
Mgoff 512 12 September 2014 Basidiomycota First found a few days before, it seemed to have been stepped on before I was able to look at it.
Mgoff 508 12 September 2014 Lestes disjunctus One of several seen flying around muskeg.
Mgoff 513 12 September 2014 Tortricidae Probably more than one flying around, but they were small, so hard to be sure.

Mgoff 514 12 September 2014 Racomitrium lanuginosum Growing on a hummock in muskeg.
Mgoff 510 12 September 2014 Lactarius fallax growing in muskeg; identified from collection by K. LaBounty
Mgoff 515 8 September 2014 Riccardia Small clump growing in muskeg.
Mgoff 509 8 September 2014 Russula Observed growing in muskeg.
Mgoff 507 7 September 2014 Epilobium ciliatum
SBBP 309 5 September 2014 Song Sparrow
SBBP 308 31 August 2014 Song Sparrow
Mgoff 500 26 August 2014 Fomitopsis pinicola growing on rotting wood.
Mgoff 494 23 August 2014 Banasa sordida Probable stink bug (Pentatomidae)

Mgoff 501 23 August 2014 Russula Did not taste it, nor collect. Maybe not be identifiable to species.
Mgoff 502 23 August 2014 Gazoryctra Found resting on the vertical part of a trail railing. This seemed to be the type that\'s slightly smaller and darker.
Mgoff 492 22 August 2014 Anaspis Found crawling on raspberry in garden area near Yaw building.

Mgoff 493 22 August 2014 Lepidoptera Unidentified Caterpillar on an ornamental herb (species not yet determined)

Mgoff 503 20 August 2014 Acari Found crawling on me while I was sitting at edge of muskeg.

Mgoff 481 5 August 2014 Platanthera stricta Growing in fairly forested area along trail between the outflow creek and where the trail goes over the muskegs.
Mgoff 482 5 August 2014 Melanchra pulverulenta, Triantha occidentalis Caterpillar feeding developing seedpods/fruit of Triantha

Mgoff 483 5 August 2014 Lepidoptera, Triantha glutinosa One of several different looking caterpillars found on developing seed pods/fruit of Triantha.

Mgoff 479 5 August 2014 Angelica genuflexa Kneeling Angelica (Angelica genuflexa) blooming near shoreline.
Mgoff 476 3 August 2014 Greya variabilis On the south slopes of Harbor Mountain, approaching the talus field from the Harbor Mountain road side.
Mgoff 477 3 August 2014 Sanguisorba menziesii Blooming alongside trail.
Mgoff 484 3 August 2014 Lichen Growing on rock of lower part of talus field. About 3-4 inches across.
Mgoff 475 1 August 2014 Eristalis anthophorina Captured at edge of lake where it had been flying around over a sedge wetland.

Mgoff 467 29 July 2014 Hygrocybe miniata Only one mushroom observed. Growing on more fen-like side of transition to more bog like section of muskeg.
Mgoff 463 29 July 2014 Tricholomopsis decora Growing on rotting wood (laying on ground)
Mgoff 468 29 July 2014 Microgastrinae found on a sedge leaf. Many small wasps (Braconidae) emerged by 6 August and were dead the next morning.

Mgoff 464 29 July 2014 Syngrapha celsa Found on ground in muskeg
Mgoff 465 29 July 2014 Polyporaceae sp Growing (from ground seemingly) adjacent to trail. Probably had come from buried rotting wood.
Mgoff 466 29 July 2014 Geoglossaceae Quite a few fruiting bodies in a more fen-like part of the muskeg.
Mgoff 469 26 July 2014 Stellaria media Growing along the sea walk, probably introduced with fill.
Mgoff 470 26 July 2014 Hyppa contrasta Attracted to UV light.
Mgoff 471 26 July 2014 Apamea cogitata Attracted to UV light
Mgoff 563 25 July 2014 Miridae Found on Gmelin's Saltbrush (Atriplex gmelinii) along beach.

Mgoff 461 21 July 2014 Dolichovespula arenaria Individuals (not sure if only one species or not) repeatedly visited the deck to gather fiber (presumably for nests).

Mgoff 462 16 July 2014 Cyanea capillata swimming just off the north outer shore of the island, moving up and down in the water column.
Mgoff 458 16 July 2014 Zostera marina Eel grass beds growing in sand near Magic Island.
Mgoff 459 16 July 2014 Mitrocoma cellularia I saw just one swimming along the outer shore of Magic Island.
Mgoff 460 16 July 2014 Anthopleura xanthogrammica common in tidepools of Magic Islands outer shore.
Mgoff 457 16 July 2014 Nemalion elminthoides Some reasonably thick patches were growing on at least some sections of the northern outer shore of Magic Island.
Mgoff 453 15 July 2014 Evasterias troschelii
Mgoff 454 15 July 2014 Diaulula sandiegensis Rowan found this nudibranch during a low tide.
Mgoff 455 15 July 2014 Apodichthys flavidus Rowan found during a low tide.
Mgoff 488 15 July 2014 Cottidae Found by Rowan at low tide.
Mgoff 456 15 July 2014 Ammodytes hexapterus Connor noticed a bunch (100-200 perhaps) dead fish in one of the larger tidepools. They had apparently been in there alive the previous day.
Mgoff 489 15 July 2014 Cottidae Unidentified sculpin found by Rowan.
Mgoff 485 14 July 2014 Colpomenia peregrina Observed during low tide at Totem Park. Seemed to be fairly common, though Ii wasn't always sure about distinguishing it from Sea Cauliflower (Leathesia marina)
Mgoff 472 14 July 2014 Venusia cambrica Attracted to UV light.
Mgoff 486 14 July 2014 Exosphaeroma, Phyllospadix serrulatus Found in/under holdfast/roots of Toothed Surfgrass (Phyllospadix serrulatus) growing outer base of Sage Rock.
Mgoff 473 14 July 2014 Argyresthia goedartella Attracted to UV light.
Mgoff 474 14 July 2014 Trichoptera Attracted to UV light.

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1000 Species Project

1042 Species Documented in Southeast Alaska (almost all in the Sitka area).

  • 326 vascular plants
  • 204 birds
  • 144 fungi
  • 138 terrestrial invertebrates
  • 98 bryophytes
  • 53 lichens
  • 30 marine invertebrates
  • 16 algae
  • 9 fish
  • 19 mammals
  • 1 slime molds
  • 1 amphibians
Acanthodoris hudsoniDorididae
Achillea millefoliumAsteraceae
Acleris curvalanaTortricidae
Acleris effractanaTortricidae
Aconitum delphiniifoliumRanunculaceae
Actaea rubraRanunculaceae
Actebia fennicaNoctuidae
Adiantum aleuticumPteridaceae
Aegialites debilisSalpinigidae
Agaricus smithiiAgaricaceae
Aglais milbertiNymphalidae
Agonomalus mozinoiAgonidae
Agrocybe praecoxBolbitiaceae
Alder FlycatcherTyrannidae
Aleuria aurantiaPyrenemataceae
Alloclavaria purpureaIncertae sedis
Alnus rubraBetulaceae
Alnus viridisBetulaceae
Alopecurus aequalisPoaceae
Amanita franchetiiAmanitaceae
Amanita muscariaAmanitaceae
Amanita vaginataAmanitaceae
American CootRallidae
American CrowCorvidae
American DipperCinclidae
American Golden-PloverCharadriidae
American KestrelFalconidae
American PipitMotacillidae
American RobinTurdidae
American Three-toed WoodpeckerPicidae
American Tree SparrowEmberizidae
American WigeonAnatidae
Amphipoea americanaNoctuidae
Amphizoa insolensAmphizoidae
Anaphalis margaritaceaAsteraceae
Anaxyrus boreasBufonidae
Ancient MurreletAlcidae
Andromeda polifoliaEricaceae
Anemone narcissifloraRanunculaceae
Anemone parvifloraRanunculaceae
Angelica genuflexaApiaceae
Angelica lucidaApiaceae
Anna's HummingbirdTrochilidae
Annulohypoxylon multiformeXylariaceae
Anthopleura xanthogrammicaActiniidae
Anthoxanthum hirtumPoaceae
Anthoxanthum monticolaPoaceae
Anthoxanthum odoratumPoaceae
Anticlea vasiliataGeometridae
Antitrichia curtipendulaLeucodontaceae
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Observations in Wiki

 Observation DateSpecies Observed
Mgoff 2071 August 2002Pholiota
Mgoff 48721 June 2003Platanthera dilatata
Mgoff 22720 May 2005Malus fusca
Mgoff 12315 May 2006Mirounga angustirostris
Mgoff 3627 June 2006Libellula quadrimaculata
Mgoff 9227 June 2007Tiarella trifoliata
Greya punctiferella
Mgoff 3845 July 2007Meliscaeva cinctella
Heracleum maximum
Mgoff 21915 July 2007Achillea millefolium
Mgoff 13719 July 2007Willow Ptarmigan
Thelypteris quelpaertensis
Hieracium triste
Mgoff 38225 July 2007Eristalis fratercula
Mgoff 38325 July 2007Eristalis fratercula
Mgoff 23627 July 2007Petridiobius arcticus
Mgoff 956 August 2007Argyresthia goedartella
Mgoff 2209 August 2007Aconitum delphiniifolium
Mgoff 5820 August 2007Ring-billed Gull
Mgoff 15122 August 2007Lasius pallitarsis
Mgoff 2084 November 2007Mycena sp1
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Isothecium myosuroides
Mgoff 2213 June 2008Actaea rubra
Mgoff 3856 June 2008Cynorhinella bella
Mgoff 4789 June 2008Agrocybe praecox
Alnus rubra
Mgoff 15025 June 2008Potentilla villosula
Mgoff 4911 July 2008Rumex obtusifolius
Mgoff 49929 August 2008Ligia pallasii
Mgoff 19910 September 2008Ramaria
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Mgoff 20931 October 2008Mycena sp1
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Mgoff 2181 November 2008Hypholoma
Mgoff 2156 November 2008Mycena sp2
Mgoff 20012 November 2008Psathyrella sp
Mgoff 20612 November 2008Polyporaceae sp
Mgoff 21112 November 2008Pholiota
Mgoff 21612 November 2008Hygrophorus sp
Mgoff 1071 April 2009Bryophyte
Mgoff 1081 April 2009Codriophorus mollis
Mgoff 11228 April 2009Diphasiastrum complanatum
Diphasiastrum alpinum
Mgoff 11328 April 2009Cymatogaster aggregata
Mgoff 11128 April 2009Coptis aspleniifolia
Mgoff 11429 April 2009Gnaphosidae
Mgoff 49019 May 2009Rumex occidentalis
Mgoff 21728 July 2009Boletus subtomentosus
Mgoff 2025 August 2009Anaxyrus boreas
Mgoff 4807 August 2009Selaginella selaginoides
Mgoff 20412 August 2009Anaxyrus boreas
Mgoff 51913 August 2009Cladonia stellaris
Mgoff 52030 September 2009Polyozellus multiplex
Mgoff 52130 September 2009Russula nigricans
Mgoff 37129 March 2010Creophilus maxillosus
Mgoff 11923 April 2010Calypso bulbosa
Mgoff 1921 June 2010Polyporus squamosus
Populus trichocarpa
Mgoff 2867 June 2010Pheosia portlandia
Mgoff 55220 February 2011Tuckermannopsis chlorophylla
Mgoff 13620 February 2011Hypotrachyna sinuosa
Alnus viridis
Mgoff 36130 May 2011Moehringia lateriflora
Mgoff 3603 June 2011Anthoxanthum odoratum
Mgoff 20514 June 2011Anaxyrus boreas
Mgoff 24620 August 2011Geoglossum glabrum
Mgoff 41 January 2012American Coot
Mgoff 11 January 2012Psychoglypha subborealis
Mgoff2 January 2012Western Screech-Owl
Varied Thrush
Song Sparrow
Dark-eyed Junco
Mgoff 58 January 2012Anna's Hummingbird
Mgoff 614 January 2012American Dipper
Mgoff 225 January 2012Dark-eyed Junco
Mgoff 34 February 2012Ganoderma oregonense
Tsuga heterophylla
Mgoff 858 February 2012Capniidae
Mgoff 868 February 2012Growth on Hemlock
Mgoff 878 February 2012Growth on Spruce
Mgoff 78 February 2012Ochrolechia laevigata
Alnus rubra
Mgoff 89 February 2012Gloeophyllum sepiarium
Mgoff 910 February 2012Pycnopodia helianthoides
Mgoff 9310 February 2012Pseudoplectania nigrella
Mgoff 1010 February 2012Dacrymyces minutus
Mgoff 9410 February 2012Hair-like Seaweed
Mgoff 1126 March 2012Idiocerus couleanus
Mgoff 128 April 2012Corallina vancouveriensis
Mgoff 138 April 2012Codium fragile
Mgoff 1418 April 2012Plectania nannfeldtii
Mgoff 1518 April 2012Mycena sanguinolenta
Mgoff 1619 April 2012Anticlea vasiliata
Orthosia hibisci
Epirrita pulchraria
Cladara limitaria
Mgoff 10622 April 2012Brandt's Cormorant
Mgoff 1725 April 2012Thallophaga hyperborea
Anticlea vasiliata
Cerastis enigmatica
Mgoff 1826 April 2012Anticlea vasiliata
Geometridae spB
Geometridae spA
Orthosia hibisci
Mgoff 193 May 2012Basidiomycota sp
Mgoff 2010 May 2012Cistenides granulata
Cottidae sp
Actiniaria spp
Katharina tunicata
Mgoff 2328 May 2012Mycena sp
Mgoff 2229 May 2012Selenia alciphearia
Mgoff 2130 May 2012Basidiomycota
Mgoff 401 June 2012Carabidae sp
Mgoff 241 June 2012Monilinia oxycocci
Mgoff 263 June 2012Basidiomycota sp
Mgoff 273 June 2012Sphagnum
Basidiomycota sp
Mgoff 253 June 2012Carex macrocephala
Leymus mollis
Lathyrus japonicus
Basidiomycota sp
Mgoff 3611 June 2012Tegenaria domestica
Mgoff 3212 June 2012Mitrula elegans
Mgoff 2818 June 2012Basidiomycota
Mgoff 2918 June 2012Basidiomycota
Mgoff 3121 June 2012Ichneumonidae sp
Mgoff 3021 June 2012Caloptilia sp
Mgoff 3522 June 2012Agabus tristis
Mgoff 3722 June 2012Lycosidae sp
Mgoff 3322 June 2012Bembidion sp
Mgoff 5722 June 2012Lasionycta sp
… further results