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Default City Juneau
Default Coordinates 58.323734253051, -134.46385860443
Default Name Aaron Baldwin
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Observations saved in the wiki with Aaron Baldwin recorded as an observer.

Observation Label Observation Date Species Observed Observation Summary
Anon 10 24 May 2017 Acer glabrum Acer glabrum was very common all along the shore on "Fossil Beach", Saginaw Bay, Kuiu Island.
Abaldwin 2 30 October 2013 Sebastes emphaeus This is the first time I have seen this species alive, are quite similar to juvenile redtsripe (Sebastes proriger). The easiest way to distinguish these is the lack of a sympheasal knob in S. emphaeus. Puget Sound rockfish are usually 15 cm or smaller when adult, while redstripes commonly exceed 30 cm.
Abaldwin 11 August 2013 Erilepis zonifer On the 2013 Chatham longline survey with ADF&G we caught an 82 cm juvenile below 400 meters. The specimen was an immature female. (mapped location very approximate)
Mgoff 126 23 June 2013 Bothragonus swanii Aaron was excited to find this fish near the lowest extent of the tide. It was quite docile while handled and put in a tidepool for photographing.
Mgoff 138 23 June 2013 Haliclystus stejnegeri Found on kelp at base of boulder.