Stellaria alaskana

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Alaska Starwort (Stellaria alaskana): Included in the preliminary checklist and Hall's 2010 treatment, but there are no collection records from the region in ARCTOS. This species is not known to occur in British Columbia, so additional documentation of its occurrence in Southeast Alaska may be warranted.

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  • USDAPLANTS page for Stellaria alaskana
  • FNA page for Stellaria alaskana "Rocky outcrops, talus slopes, gravelly moraines, marshy grasslands;" "Stellaria alaskana is closely related to S. longipes; it differs in its exceptionally long, narrow, prominently veined sepals and larger flowers in which the petals are usually shorter than the sepals. Some specimens appear to intergrade with S. longipes."

Other References

  • Muller: ex NE; alpine, rocky areas
  • Hall 2010: "Rock outcrops, talus slopes, and aline tundra."

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