Sphenolobus minutus

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Anastrophyllum minutum:

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Anastrophyllum minutum

Ian Worley
[as Anastrophyllum minutum]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Throughout, except in highest alpine.
Habitat: Occurring in most habitats occupied by bryophytes but never as a solitary epiphyte, in flowing or still water, or in deeply shaded sites. On tree trunks among other bryophytes, decorticated wood, forest floors, on shaded and exposed rocks (often as a pioneer, though not in Glacier Bay successional areas), on peaty soil, in peatlands, in tundra, margins of ponds, and other similar habitats.
Comments: Dioicous, often with perianths but usually sterile. The species is highly polymorphic, although little reflection of climatic differences can be seen in its morphology or ecology.

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