Sphagnum austinii

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Sphagnum austinii: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Sphagnum austinii
Sphagnum austinii: Andrus says this species is common on hummock tops in Southeast Alaska.

Worley treated S. imbricatum, but according to the FNA entry on Sphagnum imbricatum, it is primarily an Asian species with a single collection from Northwestern Alaska. S. austinii seems like the most likely option for collections previously identified as S. imbricatum.

Local Notes

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Other References

Ian Worley
[as Sphagnum imbricatum]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Annette Island (Persson, 1949) and from the NE side of Saginaw Bay, about five miles SE of Halleck Harbour, Kuiu Island, Worley and Schofield 9138.
Habitat: In peatlands.
Comments: Sometimes with sporophytes.

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