Sitka Sound Striations

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Proposed by Jim Baichtal on a March 2014 visit to Sitka, the purpose of this project is to collect observations of glacial striations in/around Sitka Sound. The goal is to get a better sense of the movement and extent of glaciers in this area during the last glacial maximum. At its simplest, documenting these striations requires recording the coordinates (which can be selected from a map on the form) and noting the azimuth (direction) of the scratches, which requires a compass. Note also that the current declination in the Sitka Sound area is about 20 degrees East.

If you have an observation to document, please click on the button below.

Results (so far)

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 Observation location nameObservation Striation AzimuthObservation Striation Striations Present
Striation 001Russian Block House270yes
Striation 002Halibut Point Road180yes
Striation 003Alice Island260yes
Striation 004John Brown's Beach250yes
Striation 005Lincoln Street Beach270yes
Striation 006Turnaround270yes
Striation 007Whale Park240yes
Striation 008Totem Park260yes
Striation 009Starrigavanno
Striation 010Harbor Point200yes
Striation 011Magic Island185yes
Striation 012Shoals Pointno
Striation 013Kamenoi Point170yes
Striation 014Starrigavan Valley75yes