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Family: Saxifragaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Chrysosplenium tetrandrumNorthern Golden SaxifrageCollections in ARCTOS from northern Admiralty and Northeast Chichagof as well as near the border outside of Haines and Skagway.
Heuchera glabraSmooth AlumrootCommon wintergreen herb of cliffs, rock outcrops and rock walls. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region. (Though none mapped from Baranof Island.)
Leptarrhena pyrolifoliaLeather-leaf SaxifrageCollections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Micranthes ferrugineaAlaska SaxifrageCollections in ARCTOS from across the region. No collections mapped from Chichagof or Admiralty Islands, nor most of Prince of Wales.
Micranthes foliolosaLeafystem SaxifrageThree collections in ARCTOS from Chilkat Mountains and near Juneau. It appears to be similar to Alaska Saxifrage (Micranthes ferruginea).
Micranthes hieracifoliaHawkweed-leaved SaxifrageA 1937 collection from Mt. Roberts is the only one mapped in ARCTOS from the region. The nearest other collection appears to be from the mountains of Southwestern Yukon.
Micranthes lyalliiRed-stem SaxifrageCollections mapped in ARCTOS spanning the region, but significant gaps, including Baranof and Admiralty Islands, and the mainland between Cleveland Peninsula and Skagway.
Micranthes nelsonianaHeart-leaf SaxifrageCollections in ARCTOS from across the region, though concentrated in the southern half, and the northern mainland.
Micranthes nivalisAlpine SaxifrageThree collections in ARCTOS, one from Admiralty Island, one from the mainland near Wrangell, and another near Haines.
Micranthes occidentalisWestern SaxifrageTwo collections in ARCTOS, one from the Taiya river near Haines, the other from Revillagigedo Island.
Micranthes razshiviniiAlaska SaxifrageNo collections in ARCTOS from the region. Based on overall distribution of collections, this species seems unlikely to occur in Southeast Alaska.
Micranthes reflexaReflexed SaxifrageA single collection from Mendenhall Glacier is the only one in ARCTOS from the region. This species' overall distribution appears to primarily restricted to the continental side of the coast mountains.
Micranthes tolmieiTolmie's SaxifrageSeveral collections in ARCTOS from the eastern part of the region (mainland and near islands) as far north as Juneau area.
Mitella nudaNaked MitrewortNo collections in ARCTOS from the region. Hulten has a single record mapped near Skagway. Records mapped in e-Flora BC are all from the continental side of the Coast Range at latitudes corresponding to Southeast Alaska.
Mitella pentandraAlpine MitrewortCollections in ARCTOS from across the region
Mitella trifidaThree-tooth MitrewortThe only record of this species from the region appears to be a 1979 collection from near Haines. This collection is hundreds of miles from the nearest other record mapped on e-Flora BC (well to the south and east, inland from Prince Rupert). Collection notes indicates many plants. Verification of the collection id is probably warranted given the outlying nature of this record.
Saxifraga adscendensWedge-leaved SaxifrageA few scattered collections from the region mapped in ARCTOS including Prince of Wales Island, Hecata Island, Chichagof Island and the mainland near Haines. Associated with limestone sites in the region?
Saxifraga bracteataPygmy SaxifrageNearest mapped collection in ARCTOS is from Kayak Island a bit to the west of the region. Hulten includes a record from the vicinity of Yakobi Island.
Saxifraga bronchialisYellowdot SaxifrageCollections in ARCTOS from the northern mainland (Juneau and north).
Saxifraga caespitosaTufted SaxifrageA few collections in ARCTOS from near the northern border with British Columbia, but also from northern Prince of Wales Island and Coronation Island.
Saxifraga cernuaNodding SaxifrageThree collections in ARCTOS, one from near Juneau, the other two approaching the border outside of Skagway.
Saxifraga cherlerioidesHulten shows an isolated collection from Juneau, but no collections in ARCTOS from anywhere close.
Saxifraga eschscholtziiCushion SaxifrageNo collections in ARCTOS mapped from the region, though this species has been photographed on mountains of Baranof Island. Hulten shows an isolated collection from near Haines. Refugial candidate?
Saxifraga hyperboreaPygmy SaxifrageCollections in ARCTOS mostly from northern mainland, but also alpine sites on Admiralty, Baranof, and Revillagigedo Islands.
Saxifraga mertensianaWood SaxifrageScattered collections mapped in ARCTOS from across the region.
Saxifraga oppositifoliaPurple Mountain SaxifrageCollections mapped in ARCTOS from southern islands and the mainland from Juneau north.
Saxifraga rivularisWeak SaxifrageTaxonomic review needed. It appears this species probably does not occur in the region as such - it appears plants that had been called this from the region are now called Pygmy Saxifrage (Saxifraga hyperborea). FNA indicates only one subspecies of this species occurs in Alaska, and it appears to be one from the arctic.
Saxifraga serpyllifoliaThyme-leaved SaxifrageNo mapped collections in ARCTOS from the region. Hulten's map includes dots near the Taku River and White Pass that appear to be from within Southeast Alaska.
Saxifraga tricuspidataThree-toothed SaxifrageCollections in ARCTOS mapped from the northern mainland as far south as Juneau.
Tellima grandifloraFringecupCollections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Tiarella trifoliataFoamflowerMany collections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Tolmiea menziesiiYouth-on-ageCollections in ARCTOS primarily from the far southern part of the region (southern half of Prince of Wales and Revillagigedo Islands. Also an isolated 2014 collection from Taku River area (Hulten mapped a single isolated record from the Taku River area as well)