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Family: Salmonidae

Group: Fish, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Oncorhynchus clarkiicutthroat troutReported throughout the region.
Oncorhynchus gorbuschapink salmonAbundant in the region.
Oncorhynchus ketachum salmonPresent throughout the region.
Oncorhynchus kisutchcoho salmonCommon throughout the region.
Oncorhynchus mykissrainbow trout, steelheadReported throughout the region.
Oncorhynchus nerkasockeye salmonPresent throughout the region.
Oncorhynchus tshawytschaChinook salmonFound in saltwater throughout the region. Spawns mostly in mainland rivers.
Prosopium cylindraceumround whitefishNorthern mainland part of the region to the Taku River.
Salmo salarAtlantic salmonThis species is present in the region as escapees from fish farms to the south. Individuals have been caught in both salt and fresh water.
Salvelinus confluentusbull troutThis species has been found in the Taku River in the region.
Salvelinus fontinalisbrook troutIntroduced to the region.
Salvelinus malmaDolly VardenFound throughout the region.
Salvelinus namaycushlake troutThe range of species includes the northern mainland of Southeast Alaska.
Thymallus arcticusArctic graylingFound on the mainland. Has also been introduced in other places such as Beaver Lake in Sitka.