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Family: Rosaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Alchemilla glabraSmooth Lady's-mantleCollection in ARCTOS from Neka Bay near Hoonah (1979) is listed as this species. FNA treatment indicates this species occurs in Alaska. The 1979 collection is also included under Hairy Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla monticola) and A. subcrenata in the eFlora BC mapping. Possibly because the collection was originally identified as A. vulgaris, which is considered a synonym of both of those species as well. (See FNA account for Alchemilla). The FNA distribution information for each of those species does not include Alaska, though A. monticola has an additional report from Sitkine River in AKEPIC database (other records there are under Alchemilla mollis)
Alchemilla monticolaHairy Lady's MantleIn ARCTOS no collections currently named as this species, though 1979 Neka Bay collection is there as Smooth Lady's-mantle (Alchemilla glabra)

Reports in AKEPIC from Stikine River mouth (2002) and Neka Bay (1979), Chichagof Island, near an abandoned cabin (presumably referable to the ARCTOS collection).

FNA distribution information for this species does not include Alaska.
Amelanchier alnifoliaSaskatoon serviceberryA few scattered collections from the eastern part of the region, including Hyder, Etolin Island, Wrangell Island, Admiralty Island, Chichagof Island, and upper Lynn Canal.
Aruncus dioicusGoat's BeardCommon roadside plant with pinnately compound toothed leaves and white plume-like flowers. Also found along streams, meadows, and forest edges. Collections in ARCTOS spanning the region, though there are gaps such as the southern outer islands and Chichagof Island.
Comarum palustrePurple MarshlocksUncommon species of lake edges. Scattered collections in ARCTOS from across the region. (Many collections of this species in ARCTOS are not georeferenced, and there may be additional collections from the region among them.)
Crataegus douglasiiBlack HawthornA single 1939 collection identified as suspecies suksdorfii is the only one in ARCTOS. A collection from Juneau area originally labeled as this species was later identified as Pacific Crabapple (Malus fusca).

FNA treats C. d. suksdorfii as C. gaylussacia and in the range information does not list Southeast Alaska, but does say it occurs in the vicinity of Anchorage.

FNA range information for C. douglasii indicates it occurs in 'panhandle of Alaska'

Given the lack of collections and apparently conflicting information, it's not clear which species should be expected in the region, nor the extent to which they occur.
Dasiphora fruticosaShrubby CinquefoilOnly two mapped collections in ARCTOS from the region. One from the border area along the Alsek River, the other near the border at White Pass (Skagway).
Dryas alaskensisAlaska Mountain-avensA few collections mapped in ARCTOS from the northern part of the region from near Haines and Skagway to the border. Taxonomy is a little unclear for collections from the region, consider also Hooker's Mountain-avens (Dryas hookeriana). D. octopetala is now considered to be restricted to Greenland.
Dryas drummondiiDrummond's Mountain-avensMost georeferenced collections in ARCTOS from upper Glacier Bay and upper Lynn Canal. Also collections from southern outer islands (Coronation Island, northern Prince of Wales Island, and Dall Island). A single collection from near Hoonah. Candidate for refugial relict in the south?
Dryas hookerianaHooker's Mountain-avensA few collections mapped in ARCTOS from the northern part of the region from near Haines and Skagway to the border. Taxonomy is a little unclear for collections from the region (consider also Alaska Mountain-avens (Dryas alaskensis). D. octopetala is now considered to be restricted to Greenland.
Dryas integrifoliaEntire-leaf Mountain-avensCollections in ARCTOS from Lynn Canal area and the east side of Glacier Bay. Also, records from northeast corner of Chichagof Island and northern end of Admiralty.
Drymocallis convallariaWood BeautyTwo collection from along the Haines Highway in ARCTOS as Potentilla arguta. FNA does not list that species as occurring in Alaska, but does include this species, which is synonymous with P. arguta ssp convallaria
Fragaria chiloensisBeach StrawberryCollections in ARCTOS mapped from across the region, though none from the southern outer islands.
Fragaria virginianaVirginia StrawberryNo collections in ARCTOS from the region, but eFlora BC has records mapped from just across the border along the Haines Highway.
Geum calthifoliumCaltha-leaved AvenPrimarily found in subalpine and alpine meadows. Many collections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Geum macrophyllumLarge-leaf AvenCollections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Geum rossiiRoss' AvenThe only collections of this species mapped from the region in ARCTOS are from limestone areas of West Chichagof.
Luetkea pectinataPartridgefootCommon trailing herb of mid to high elevation tundra and open forest. Collections mapped in ARCTOS from across the region, though a bit off a gap in much of the southern outer islands.
Malus fuscaPacific CrabappleSmall, often sprawling tree of small islands and beach fringe forest. West Coast endemic. Collections in ARCTOS from throughout the region.
Physocarpus capitatusPacific NinebarkA few collections in ARCTOS from the southern outer islands. Few collections from British Columbia north of Vancouver Island.

Pacific NW endemic.

Refugial species candidate?
Potentilla anserinaCommon SilverweedCollections in ARCTOS from across the region (most identified as ssp. pacifica)
Potentilla arenosaSnow CinquefoilA couple of collections in ARCTOS from near the northern boundary including Icy Bay and the border between Glacier Bay and Haines.
Potentilla bifloraTwo-flower CinquefoilIncluded in Hall's 2010 treatment, but no collections in ARCTOS mapped from the region. Southern boundary of the range of this species appears to be on the continental side of the Alaska Range and Wrangell St. Elias mountains.
Potentilla elegansElegant CinquefoilHall's 2010 treatment reported this species had been found on Mt. Roberts near Juneau, but there are no collections in ARCTOS from the region.
Potentilla glaucophyllaVarileaf CinquefoilCollections in ARCTOS (as P. diversifolia) from outside of Haines and Skagway near the northern border.
Potentilla gracilisSlender CinquefoilCollections in ARCTOS from near Haines, Skagway, and Juneau.
Potentilla hippianaWooly CinquefoilNo collections in ARCTOS of this species. Alaska is not included in range of this species in FNA account. Hulten has dots from Stikine and Alaska Range, but indicates no specimens were looked at prior to publication.
Potentilla hookerianaHooker's CinquefoilThe FNA treatment of this species does not have it occurring in Alaska. Prior records that had been treated as this species are considered by the FNA authors to be Snow Cinquefoil (Potentilla arenosa).
Potentilla nanaArctic CinquefoilA single collection from Revillagigedo Island identified as this species in ARCTOS. Additional records show up in a search for this species, but with the name P. hyparctica. See FNA account for discussion of how this species relates to P. hyparctica.
Potentilla niveaSnow CinquefoilTwo collections in ARCTOS mapped from the region. Both from Takhin Ridge WNW of Haines.
Potentilla norvegicaRough CinquefoilCollections in ARCTOS from Lynn Canal area (Berners Bay to Haines and Skagway).
Potentilla pensylvanicaPennsylvania CinquefoilA single mapped collection of this species in ARCTOS (Skagway, 1966).
Potentilla rubricaulisRocky Mountain CinquefoilNo mapped collections currently identified as this species from the region in ARCTOS.
Potentilla subgorodkoviiOne-flower CinquefoilTaxonomy is a little unclear - but this seems to be the applicable name for what were formerly called P. uniflora. A few collections in ARCTOS as P. uniflora or P. gorodkovii
Potentilla villosaVillous CinquefoilCommon plant along rocky shorelines where it grows from crevices in the exposed bedrock of the splash zone. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Potentilla villosulaSomewhat recently split from Villous Cinquefoil (Potentilla villosa), there are a few collections in ARCTOS identified as this species.
Rosa acicularisPrickly RoseThree collections in ARCTOS from between upper Lynn Canal (Haines/Skagway) to the BC border.
Rosa nutkanaNootka RoseCollections in ARCTOS scattered across most of the region, with the exception of Chichagof Island, Glacier Bay, and the gulf coast.
Rosa rugosaSitka RoseMostly a cultivate plant which has become feral or naturalized in some localities. Few collections in ARCTOS, reports in AKEPIC database from several communities in the northern half of the region.
Rubus arcticusNagoonberryCollections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Rubus bifronsHimalayan BlackberryTwo reports (as R. discolor) in AKEPIC database. No collections in ARCTOS. This species does not seem to be established in the region.
Rubus chamaemorusCloudberryCollections in ARCTOS mapped primarily from eastern half of the region, though there is also a collection from Sitka.
Rubus idaeusAmerican Red RaspberryCollections in ARCTOS from near Skagway and Haines, Hyder, and on Annette Island. FNA indicates most cultivated raspberries are from this species.
Rubus leucodermisWestern Black RaspberryReported to occur throughout the region, but there ar no collection records in ARCTOS for this species. documented. Three dots on Huten's map, it appears from Ketchikan, Sitka, and Skagway. (Perhaps locally introduced and/or grown as a planting?)
Rubus parviflorusThimbleberryCollections in ARCTOS from throughout the region except for Glacier Bay and the northern gulf coast. Reaches the northern end of its range in the region.
Rubus pedatusTrailing RaspberryCollections in ARCTOS mapped from throughout much of the region. Gaps include Admiralty Island and the southern outer islands.
Rubus spectabilisSalmonberryCommon shrub found from sea level to subalpine. Favors open areas where it can form nearly impenetrable thickets. Fruit comes in red and orange-yellow forms. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region, though none are mapped from Chichagof Island.
Sanguisorba menziesiiMenzies' BurnetCollections in ARCTOS from across the region, except the northern inside mainland.
Sanguisorba officinalisCommon BurnetA few collections mapped in ARCTOS from the region. Unclear if this species is undercollected, or generally not common.
Sanguisorba stipulataSitka BurnetCollections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Sibbaldia procumbensSibbaldiaMost collections mapped in ARCTOS from the northern part of the region, with a records from the far southern mainland.
Sorbus aucupariaEuropean Mountain AshCollections in ARCTOS and reports in AKEPIC from many communities in the region.
Sorbus scopulinaWestern Mountain AshA few collections in ARCTOS from the southern half of the region and from Haines to the Canadian border.
Sorbus sitchensisSitka Mountain AshMapped collections in ARCTOS from the northern half of the region and the far southern mainland.
Spiraea douglasiiRose SpiraeaCollections in ARCTOS from the southern part of the region (south of the Stikine river - including islands), with on 1979 collection from Hoonah.
Spiraea steveniiBeauverd SpiraeaSmall to medium sized woody shrub with flat topped to hemispheric shaped inflorescence. Individual flowers pink in bud, but white when fully open. Leaves with toothed margins. Collections in ARCTOS from the mainland north of Juneau.