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Locale   Sp     Su     F     W     Br  
SE Alaska (edit) R VR R VR Y
Yakutat (edit) R VR R - -
Skagway (edit) Ir - - - -
Haines (edit) R - R - -
Glacier Bay (edit) VR VR VR + -
Juneau (edit) R VR R VR +
Sitka (edit) VR VR VR VR -
Stikine (edit)
S Outer Islands (edit)
Ketchikan (edit) VR VR VR - -
Offshore (edit)
Redhead (Aythya americana): Rare migrant, Very Rare in Summer and Winter. Generally found only in small numbers.

At least one nesting record from Juneau.

  • More often seen in Fall than Spring? - change Sp to VR?
  • N-S gradient to sightings (more common from Juneau to upper Lynn Canal?
  • details of Juneau breeding record?

SEAK QBR Mentiions:

  • F2008: Small numbers were present through most of October at the Mendenhall Wetlands, near JNU, with maximum five on 20 October.
  • Sp2009: Rare spring migrant in SEAK, one was at JNU on 26 April, where they are regularly found in very small numbers, and one or two were found at GUS 7–21 May.
  • Sp2010: This species is a rare spring migrant in SEAK (Kessel and Gibson 1978). Five birds near GUS 10 May 2010 and five east of the GUS airport 20 May 2010. Very small numbers were also found in the JNU area 29 April– 22 May, with a maximum of six at Auke Lake 29 April.
  • F2010: One at JNU 6–8 November 2010 was the only report of the season. This duck is a very rare fall migrant in SEAK (Kessel and Gibson 1978), and it occurs annually in the JNU area.
  • Sp2011: Singles reported at JNU 16 April 2011 and near HNS 9 May. This species is a rare spring migrant in SEAK (Kessel and Gibson 1978).
  • F2011: One at JNU 26 November only report
  • Sp2012: Widely reported in May, including three at north of JNU, 3 May, three at SGY 3 May, a pair at the mouth of North Arm, Stikine River, 4–6 May, three at GUS 8–9 May, and one at JNU’s Mendenhall Wetlands 24 May.
  • Su2012: A female at Swan Lake, SIT, 18–20 June provided a very rare summer record for SEAK.
  • Sp2014: Up to six at SGY 5 May and at least three in the JNU area 16–18 May.
  • Sp2015: At Skagway (one, 29 April), GUS (up to two, 7−12 May), and JNU (up to three, 4−11 May). This
  • Su2015: A casual or very rare summer visitant—a drake was observed at the Mendenhall Wetlands, near JNU, 14 June and 17 June.
  • F2015: One near JNU 28 October was the only report.
  • W2015-16: Singles were found at Thimbleberry Lake, near SIT, 16 December 2015+ and at the Mendenhall Wetlands 28 December 2015−3 January. This species is a rare winter visitant to SEAK.
  • Sp2016: Two males at KTN 11 May, which provided only the third local report. One at SIT 9–20 April. More typical were up to four males at Eagle Beach 27 April−5 May and small numbers in the Mendenhall Forelands and Wetlands 20 May−6 June 2016+, including maximum three on 26 May and 3−6 June.
  • Su2016: Late birds included up to five at GUS Lake 1−12 June and up to three in the Mendenhall Forelands through 6 June. This species is a very rare summer visitant to SEAK.
  • F2016: One at JNU’s Twin Lakes 10−12 October provided the season’s only report.
  • Sp2017: One at the Mendenhall Wetlands 11−13 May and two at GUS 1−7 May.
  • Su2017: Two at the Mendenhall Wetlands through 23 June, one of which was present through 5 July. Another was found at GUS 25 July. This species is a very rare summer visitant to SEAK.
  • F2017: One at GUS 21–24 October provided the season’s only report.
  • Sp2018: Pair at SIT 29–31 May, one at HNH 15–22 May (1st local record), one at GUS 21 May, and two to four reported on three dates in the JNU area 6 April–10 May.
  • Su2018: Late birds included a pair at SIT through the first week of June and single males at the Mendenhall Forelands 7–14 June and GUS 9–15 June.
  • F2018: A pair at GUS 7 October 2018 was only report

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