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Juncus alpinoarticulatus +oblong to ovoid, 0.5--0.7 mm, not tailed  +
Juncus arcticus +dark amber, oblate to ellipsoid, 0.6--0.8 mm.  +
Juncus articulatus +Seeds obovoid, 0.5 mm, not tailed  +
Juncus biglumis +yellowish tan, fusiform-ovoid, 0.7--0.9 mm, short tailed.  +
Juncus bufonius +yellowish, widely ellipsoid to ovoid, 0.26--0.49, not tailed.  +
Juncus castaneus +pale yellow, fusiform, body 0.6--0.7 mm, tails 0.8--1.1 mm  +
Juncus covillei +yellowish, widely ellipsoid to ovoid, 0.26--0.49, not tailed.  +
Juncus drummondii +amber, body oblate, 0.5--0.6 mm  +
Juncus dudleyi +tan to amber, ellipsoid to lunate, 0.4--0.67 mm, not tailed  +
Juncus effusus +amber, (0.3--)0.4---0.5 mm  +
Juncus ensifolius +elliptic to obovate, 0.4--1 mm, occasionally tailed  +
Juncus falcatus +ovoid to pyriform, 0.7 mm, not tailed  +
Juncus filiformis +amber, 0.5--0.6 mm, not tailed  +
Juncus mertensianus +ellipsoid, 0.4--0.5 mm, not tailed; body clear yellow-brown  +
Juncus nodosus +oblong, ellipsoid, or obovoid, 0.4--0.5 mm, not tailed  +
Juncus stygius +pale yellow, fusiform, body 0.8--1.1 mm, tails 1--1.4 mm.  +
Juncus supiniformis +narrowly obovoid to obovoid, 0.6--0.7 mm, not tailed; body clear yellow-brown  +
Juncus tenuis +tan, ellipsoid to lunate, (0.52--)5.5--0.65(--0.7) mm, not tailed  +
Juncus triglumis +tan or darker, fusiform, body 0.5--1 mm, tails 0.6--1 mm  +


Luzula arcuata +brown (with few hairs present), 1 mm, few hairs present; caruncle generally indistinct.  +
Luzula comosa +red-brown to brown, cylindric, 1--1.5 mm; caruncle 0.3--0.8 mm.  +
Luzula kjellmaniana +seeds ellipsoid, 0.9-1.1 mm long, with minute appendages.  +
Luzula multiflora +1.1--1.7 mm; caruncles 0.2--0.6 mm.  +
Luzula parviflora +brown to brownish red or purple, ellipsoid, 1.1--1.5 mm  +
Luzula piperi +light yellow-brown, lanceolate, narrowed at ends, 1.2 mm  +
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