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An indication of the relevance of a reference to Southeast Alaska. Relevance may be to only a portion of the region, sub-regional relevance can be noted on the sub-regional level Geographic Area pages.

This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Complete: All material is specifically relevant to part or all of Southeast Alaska
  • High: Most material is generally relevant to part or all of Southeast Alaska, or, in a large reference, a significant amount of material is specifically relevant to part or all of Southeast Alaska
  • Moderate: A significant portion of the material is relevant to part or all of Southeast Alaska
  • Low: Only a small part of the reference is relevant to part or all of Southeast Alaska, and even less is directly relevant to Southeast Alaska
  • Minimal: Relevance to Southeast Alaska is indirect or non-existent.

Specifically relevant material is refers directly to Southeast Alaska (for example, A paper on the birds of Southeast Alaska)

Generally relevant material is about things that occur in Southeast Alaska with frequency and so may provide insight to what is going on in Southeast, but the actual study or information is not specific to this region (for example, a paper on the nesting preferences of Winter Wrens)

Indirectly relevant material includes information about organisms that occur here seasonally but focusing on their habits when they are not here (for example, a study on the feeding habits of Townsend's Warbler in Centeral America during the non-breeding season)

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Abbott Zim Sandstrom 2001 +Moderate  +
Ager Rosenbaum 2010 +Complete  +


Baldwin 2007 +Complete  +
Baldwin 2010 +Complete  +


Campbell 1899 +Moderate  +
Cook Dawson MacDonald 2006 +Complete  +


Demond 1952 +High  +
Dick Ross 1988 +Moderate  +


Ferris et. al 2012 +High  +
Foster 1991 +Complete  +


Geiser Dillman Derr Stensvold 1998 +Complete  +


Hall 2010 +Complete  +
Harbo 2007 +High  +
Hartmann Wendler 2005 +High  +
Heinl Piston 2009 +High  +
Hurley Mohr 1956 +Moderate  +


Jensen 1995 +Complete  +
Johnson Andres Bissonette 2008 +Complete  +
Jorgensen 2009 +High  +


Kozloff 1987 +Complete  +
Kozloff 1996 +Complete  +


Lamb Shephard 2007 +Complete  +
Lambert 1997 +Complete  +
Lambert 2000 +Complete  +
Lambert Austin 2007 +High  +
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