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Juncus alpinoarticulatus +perennial, rhizomatous, 0.5--5 dm. Rhizomes 2--4 mm diam., not swollen.  +
Juncus arcticus +perennial, 2--10 dm.''' Rhizomes long- creeping'''  +
Juncus articulatus +perennial, rhizomatous to nearly cespitose, 0.5--6(--10) dm  +
Juncus biglumis +perennial,'''loosely cespitose''', 0.25--1.6 dm.  +
Juncus bufonius +annual, cespitose, 0.5--4 dm.  +
Juncus castaneus +perennial, '''strongly rhizomatous''', 1--4 dm.  +
Juncus covillei +annual, cespitose, 0.5--4 dm.  +
Juncus drummondii +perennial, strongly tufted, to 4 dm. Rhizomes densely short-branched.  +
Juncus dudleyi +perennial, 2--10 dm. Rhizomes densely branching.  +
Juncus effusus +perennial, 4--13 dm.''' Rhizomes short -branched, forming distinct, often large clumps'''  +
Juncus ensifolius +perennial, rhizomatous, 2--6 dm. Rhizomes 2--3 mm diam  +
Juncus falcatus +perennial, rhizomatous, 0.5--3 dm  +
Juncus filiformis +perennial, 0.2--3.5 dm. Rhizomes widely creeping, sparingly branched, 1.5--2 mm diam., nodes closely set.  +
Juncus mertensianus +perennial, rhizomatous to cespitose, 0.5--4 dm. Rhizomes 1--2 mm diam., not swollen  +
Juncus nodosus +perennial, rhizomatous, 0.4--5.5(--7) dm. Rhizomes with swollen nodes, 1 mm diam  +
Juncus stygius +perennial, '''loosely cespitose''', 2--4 dm.  +
Juncus supiniformis +perennial, cespitose or matted, often decumbent, rooting at proximal nodes or floating, 0.3--5 dm  +
Juncus tenuis +perennial, tufted, 1.5--5 dm. Rhizomes densely branching  +
Juncus triglumis +perennial, '''cespitose''', 0.3--3.5 dm  +


Luzula arcuata +Stolons short to (rarely) 15 cm  +
Luzula comosa +Stolons absent.  +
Luzula kjellmaniana +Perennial, densely tufted herb from short rhizomes; stems 5-20 cm tall, with brown base  +
Luzula parviflora +Stolons to 5 cm or absent.  +
Luzula piperi +Rhizomes horizontal, short. Culms densely cespitose, 10--30(--35) cm.  +
Luzula rufescens +Rhizomes absent. Stolons to 4 cm; scale leaves present; adventitious roots present. Culms loosely cespitose, 10--30 cm x 0.5--3.5 mm.  +
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