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Abaldwin +On the 2013 Chatham longline survey with ADF&G we caught an 82 cm juvenile below 400 meters. The specimen was an immature female. (mapped location very approximate)  +
Abaldwin 2 +This is the first time I have seen this species alive, are quite similar to juvenile redtsripe (Sebastes proriger). The easiest way to distinguish these is the lack of a sympheasal knob in S. emphaeus. Puget Sound rockfish are usually 15 cm or smaller when adult, while redstripes commonly exceed 30 cm.  +
Anon +spotted in water in front of house.  +
Anon 10 +Acer glabrum was very common all along the shore on "Fossil Beach", Saginaw Bay, Kuiu Island.  +
Anon 11 +20 + juncos feeding on sunflower seeds on ground placed there today right leg - black over metal  +
Anon 12 +R = Light Blue over Orange L = Aluminum  +
Anon 2 +25+ Juncos at the feeder about 9am this morning. Also one chickadee. Didn't have time to watch long to see if there were any banded mixed in.  +
Anon 3 +Multiple sightings. Usually 3+ banded juncos. Aluminum band and what appears to be a light blue band. Sightings twice a day. Sighting on Feb. 21,24,26-28 and March 1 and today. Other sightings: pine siskins, and today two sapsuckers.  +
Anon 4 +60+ pine siskins, 20+ juncos, 1 common redpoll, one small unidentified hawk that was successful in grabbing a siskin off my front porch.  +
Anon 5 +Notes on observation (below) by Steve Heinl.  +
Anon 6 +A pair reported flying by during a fishing trip - observer very familiar with this species due to time spent in the Aleutians. Confident of observation. Location and date are approximate.  +
Anon 9 +Washed up on beach with other kelps.  +


Bevcha +saw lots growing along the trail.  +
Bevcha 2 +found lots of them on the side of trail.  +
Bevcha 3 +lifeless on the side of the trail  +
Bevcha 4 +very big Sitka spruce on cross trail right before you hit the muskeg  +
Bevcha 5 +Just standing around picking at the ground at swan lake  +
Bevcha 6 +Just waddling around  +


Coulec +Tree outside of school growing from the ground. It is lower then the pine trees. Seems to be reaching up for the sunlight  +
Coulec 2 +Baby black bear running through Valdez, did not see a mother.  +
Coulec 3 +Going up my driveway, there are a lot of Salmonberry bushes  +
Coulec 4 +In my yard there a few Sitka Spruces.  +
Coulec 5 +Outside of my window a bald eagle was hanging out  +
Coulec 6 +I saw a sea lion bobbing it's head in and out of the water about 40 ft out of sandy beach  +
Coulec 7 +I saw a sea lion bobbing it's head in and out of the water about 40ft out from Sandy Beach  +
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