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Glacier Bay/Alder Flycatcher +Alder Flycatchers prefer open areas or thickets.  +
Glacier Bay/Aleutian Tern +Look for the occasional Aleutian Tern in Glacier Bay and the Alsek River areas of the park.  +
Glacier Bay/American Crow +Northwestern Crows feed and nest in flocks along beachlands.  +
Glacier Bay/American Dipper +American Dippers can be found throughout the year in large, clear streams and rivers.  +
Glacier Bay/American Pipit +American Pipits nest in Glacier Bay's alpine and barren country.  +
Glacier Bay/American Three-toed Woodpecker +Formerly more common during bark beetle infestations in lower Glacier Bay.  +
Glacier Bay/American Wigeon +American Wigeon occur widely except in mid-summer, when they are scarce.  +
Glacier Bay/Anna's Hummingbird +Anna's Hummingbirds have recently been recorded at Gustavus feeders in the fall and early winter.  +
Glacier Bay/Arctic Tern +Arctic Terns, world champion distance migrants, nest in the upper bay.  +
Glacier Bay/Bald Eagle +Common along bays and rivers particularly during fish runs.  +
Glacier Bay/Bank Swallow +Bank Swallows nest locally along river banks and cliffs.  +
Glacier Bay/Bar-tailed Godwit +29 May 2021 - a remarkable count of 34 [], far and away the highest count on record.  +
Glacier Bay/Barrow's Goldeneye +Barrow's Goldeneyes often nest in tree cavities near lakes, then overwinter on saltwater.  +
Glacier Bay/Black Oystercatcher +Often found along rocky shorelines in Glacier Bay and along Pacific Coast.  +
Glacier Bay/Black Swift +A report of 8 by B. Paige on 8 Sept 2013 is the only report for the area.  +
Glacier Bay/Black Tern +One was observed on 27 June 2012 near north [[Marble Island]] and possibly the same bird on 28 June 2012 at the mouth of [[Bartlett Cove]].  +
Glacier Bay/Black-and-white Warbler +A single sight record (multiple observers) - 9 June 2020  +
Glacier Bay/Black-billed Magpie +Black-billed Magpies nest in interior Alaska. Flocks overwinter in Glacier Bay/Gustavus.  +
Glacier Bay/Black-capped Chickadee +Black-capped Chickadees are more numerous than indicated in the far northern part of the region.  +
Glacier Bay/Black-footed Albatross +Most often seen in Cross Sound and off the outer coast of the park.  +
Glacier Bay/Black-legged Kittiwake +Among the most southerly known N. A. kittiwake colonies are in the park.  +
Glacier Bay/Blue Grosbeak +12 July 2020 - first record (photos)  +
Glacier Bay/Blue-winged Teal +Blue-winged Teal are most often seen in spring and early summer.  +
Glacier Bay/Bohemian Waxwing +Bohemian Waxwings feed on berries that persist in colder months.  +
Glacier Bay/Brant +Glacier Bay NP's Pacific coast/Icy Strait is a significant migratory route for the low-flying Brant .  +
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