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Juncus alpinoarticulatus +terminal panicles of 5--25 heads, 3--11 cm, branches erect to ascending; primary bract erect; heads 2--10-flowered, obpyramidal, usually with some flowers short- pedicellateled, 2--6 mm in diam  +
Juncus arcticus +lateral, 3--many-flowered, loose to congested; '''primary bract barely exceeding to many times longer than inflorescence'''.  +
Juncus articulatus +terminal panicles of 3--30(--50) heads, 3.5--8 cm, branches spreading; primary bract erect; heads 3--10-flowered, obpyramidal to hemispheric, 6--8 mm diam  +
Juncus biglumis +heads, '''1--2(--4''')-flowered; '''primary bracts much longer than inflorescence'''.  +
Juncus bufonius +loose and diffuse or less often compact, usually at least ½1/2 total height of plant; primary bract shorter than inflorescence.  +
Juncus castaneus +'''glomerules, 1--3(--5)''', each with 2--10 flowers; peduncles 0.4--1.5 cm; primary bracts somewhat inflated, usually surpassing inflorescence.  +
Juncus covillei +loose and diffuse or less often compact, usually at least ½1/2 total height of plant; primary bract shorter than inflorescence.  +
Juncus drummondii +2--5-flowered, loosely compact; primary bract usually longer than inflorescence.  +
Juncus dudleyi +compact and few flowered to loose and lax with to 80 flowers, 1.5--5(--9) cm; primary bract usually exceeding inflorescence.  +
Juncus effusus +lateral, compound dichasia, many flowered; '''primary bract erect, terete, extending well beyond dichasium'''.  +
Juncus ensifolius +panicles or racemes of 2--50 heads or heads solitary, 2--14 cm, erect or ascending branches; primary bract erect; heads 3--70-flowered, obovoid to globose, 7--11 mm diam  +
Juncus falcatus +glomerules, (1--)2--5, each with 2--15 flowers, open or aggregate; primary bract usually exceeding inflorescence  +
Juncus filiformis +3--10(--12)-flowered, loosely congested, 1--2 cm; primary bract terete, nearly equaling to much longer than culm several flowers in cluster, seemingly from side of stem  +
Juncus mertensianus +terminal single head (rarely cluster of 2 heads), 0.5--1.6 cm; primary bract erect; heads 12--60-flowered, spheric (to hemispheric), 4.5--15 mm diam.  +
Juncus nodosus +terminal racemes of 3--15 heads, 0.6--6 cm, branches ascending to erect; primary bract erect; heads 6--30-flowered, spheric, 6--10(--12) mm diam  +
Juncus stygius +glomerules, 1--3, each with 1--3 flowers; peduncles 0.2--1 cm, '''primary bracts nearly equal to or slightly surpassing glomerules'''.  +
Juncus supiniformis +terminal racemes of 2--9 heads, 2--10 cm, branches erect; primary bract erect; heads 2--12-flowered, obconic or rarely hemispheric, 4--13 mm diam.  +
Juncus tenuis +5--40-flowered, borne congested or branch internodes ca. as long as tepals, ssomewhat loose, 1--5 cm; primary bract usually longer than inflorescence  +
Juncus triglumis +solitary heads, each with''' 2--3(--50)''' flowers; '''primary bracts brownish, nearly equal to or slightly shorter than about equaling inflorescence'''.  +


Luzula arcuata +corymbose, proximal branch longest; glomerules 8--15 (each with 3--5 flowers, sometimes reduced to 1--2 flowers), pedunculate, capitate or spicate; branches mostly arching in same direction (often branching at apex); proximal inflorescence bract bladeless; bracts and bracteoles brown, ciliate  +
Luzula comosa +umbellate or sessile glomerules, 5--15 x 5--7 mm; glomerules 1--6, spheric to nearly cylindric; branches straight, divergent by as much as 90°, 0.5--5 cm; proximal inflorescence bract conspicuous, shorter than to much longer than inflorescence; bracts clear, margins nearly entire to lacerate; bracteoles clear, margins ciliate, especially in distal half.  +
Luzula kjellmaniana +Inflorescence solitary, unstalked, of 1 to 3 clusters, each with 8 to 15 flowers, the basal clusters sometimes on short stalks;  +
Luzula multiflora +glomerules 3--16 (each with 8--16 flowers), 1--2 nearly sessile with others on evident peduncles, mostly cylindric; secondary branches sometimes present, usually straight, erect; proximal inflorescence bract barely as long as to exceeding inflorescence.  +
Luzula parviflora +'''anthelate, few-to-many flowered, 4--20''' x 4--12 cm; major branches spreading less than 90°, lax, often arching; proximal inflorescence bract inconspicuous to leaflike, to 5(--8) cm; bract margins entire to lacerate; bracteoles clear or brown, margins entire to lacerate.  +
Luzula piperi +branches spreading less than 90°, lax; proximal inflorescence bract leaflike, 0.8--1.5 cm; bracts and bracteoles brown, clear at apex, '''margins strongly ciliate'''.  +
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