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05-22p13thrush.jpg +[[Hermit Thrush]] observed foraging at forest/lawn edge on Hillcrest Drive in [[Sitka]]. Picture taken in late May.  +
05-28p04swainsonthrush.jpg +[[Swainson's Thrush]] photographed while singing in [[Totem Park]]. Observed late May.  +


10-15p07loon.jpg +[[Common Loon]] observed near [[Sitka Channel]] in mid October still showing breeding plumage.  +
10-27p09loon.jpg +Distant shot of a [[Red-throated Loon]] in winter plumage. Identified by relatively small (for a loon) bill held with tip pointing slightly upward as well as overall lack of bulk. Photographed in [[Eastern Channel]] near the mouth of [[Silver Bay]].  +


20000807-8-7pinkflower3.jpg +Flowering [[Primula pumila]] observed on [[Starrigavan Ridge]], early August 2000.  +
20000810-8-10bogswertia2.jpg +Photograph of [[Swertia perennis]] in bloom.  +
20000810-8-10unknownlousewort.jpg +Flowering [[Pedicularis sudetica]]. Identity not confirmed. Photographed early August 2000 on ridge between [[Arrowhead Peak]] and [[The Sisters]].  +
20020801-08-01orangemushrooms1.jpg +''[[Pholiota]]''(?) species observed fruiting early August 2002 on a stump. Located between Hames Center and the SJ Flume in [[Sitka]].  +
20020803-08-03beechfern.jpg +[[Phegopteris connectilis|Northern Beech Fern (''Phegopteris connectilis'')]].  +
20020803-08-03smalltwistedstalk.jpg +[[Streptopus streptopoides|Small Twistedstalk (''Streptopus streptopoides'')]] fruiting.  +
20020803-08-03yellowrattle.jpg +[[Rhinanthus minor|Rattlebox (''Rhinanthus minor'')]] in bloom at [[Sealion Cove]].  +
20020803-Nereocystis luetkeana.jpg +[[Nereocystis luetkeana|Bull Kelp (''Nereocystis luetkeana'')]] stranded on beach at [[Sealion Cove]] near [[Sitka]], August 2002.  +
20020803-Pilophorus acicularis.jpg +''[[Pilophorus acicularis]]''  +
20020807-08-07mushroom1.jpg +[[Coprinopsis atramentaria|Inky Cap (''Coprinopsis atramentaria'')]] mushrooms observed near [[Indian River]] in [[Sitka]].  +
20020815-08-15flyagaric.jpg +Red form of [[Amanita muscaria|Fly Agaric (''Amanita muscaria'')]] in fruit. Photographed mid August in [[Sitka]].  +
20020831-08-31bogblueberry.jpg +[[Vaccinium uliginosum|Bog Blueberry (''Vaccinium uliginosum'')]] in fruit. Observed late August in muskeg below Sheldon Jackson quarry, lower [[Indian River Valley]], [[Sitka]].  +
20021123-11-23clubmoss.jpg +[[Lycopodium clavatum|Running Clubmoss (''Lycopodium clavatum'')]]  +
20021128-11-28frogpelt.jpg +Photo of ''[[Peltigera membranacea]]'' taken near Sheldon Jackson museum.  +
20030206-02-06blackcup2.jpg +[[Pseudoplectania nigrella|Ebony Cup (''Pseudoplectania nigrella'')]] photographed growing on long-stranded drift log along Lincoln Street beach in [[Sitka]], February 2003.  +
20030222-02-22ferns.jpg +[[Polypodium glycyrrhiza|Licorice Fern (''Polypodium glycyrrhiza'')]] growing as epiphyte on [[Sambucus racemosa|Red Elderberry (''Sambucus racemosa'')]] in [[Totem Park]].  +
20030418-04-18redstarfish.jpg +[[Dermasterias imbricata|Leather star (''Dermasterias imbricata'')]] found at [[Sage Beach]], April 2003.  +
20030422-04-22blueberryblossoms.jpg +Flowering [[Vaccinium alaskaense|Alaska Blueberry (''Vaccinium alaskaense'')]] photographed near Sheldon Jackson Museum in [[Sitka]].  +
20030501-05-01leaves.jpg +[[Ligusticum scoticum|Beach Lovage (''Ligusticum scoticum'')]] leaves observed in [[Totem Park]] at upper edge of [[Indian River]] estuary.  +
20030503-05-03burrows1.jpg +Burrows of [[Microtus oeconomus|Root Vole (''Microtus oeconomus'')]] photographed on [[Gavan Hill]] while hiking [[Harbor-Gavan Trail]].  +
20030521-05-21elderberryflowers.jpg +Blooming [[Sambucus racemosa|Red Elderberry (''Sambucus racemosa'')]] photographed late May in [[Sitka]].  +
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