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Baranof Island +Primary access via ferry or jet to [[Sitka]] on the western side of the island. Access to other parts of the island via boat or float plane primarily from Sitka.  +
Bear Lake +Access via strenuous, but generally straightforward, hike starting from near [[Bear Cove]] on [[Green Lake Road]]. Alternate approach from [[Camp Lake]] is also possible.  +
Bear Mountain +Much of the mountain is readily accessible via the road system, including Bear Lake and the summit. The north side of the mountain can best be reached via [[Blue Lake]].  +
Blue Lake +Accessed via the [[Blue Lake Road]] on the [[Sitka Road System]]. Vehicle access is seasonal.  +


Camp Lake +Access via hunter/game trail from [[Medvejie Lake]].  +


Glacier Lake +Remains of corduroy road and hunter/game trails lead from upper end of [[Blue Lake]] along [[Blue Lake Creek]] until veering north up the slope to Glacier Lake. Depending on season and weather, access can be quite challenging due to the need to cross Blue Lake, and brush, high water, and snow along route up Blue Lake Creek.  +


Indian River +The mouth of Indian River is located not far from downtown [[Sitka]]. [[Indian River Trail]] runs adjacent to the river over much of its length.  +
Indian River Falls +[[Indian River Trail]] ends near the base of the falls about 4.5 miles from the trail head not far from downtown [[Sitka]].  +


Kruzof Island +Most access is via boat from Sitka.  +


Medvejie Lake +Easily reached via [[Medvejie Lake Trail]] from [[Bear Cove]].  +


Picnic Rock +Moderately strenuous but popular hike up a maintained trail.  +


Swan Lake +Located near downtown Sitka, public roads or sidewalks line much of the shoreline.  +