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Family: Portulacaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Claytonia sarmentosaAlaska Spring BeautyThis species appears to only occur at the northeast margin of the region. Two collections from the region in ARCTOS, both from just inside the border with Canada north of Lynn Canal.
Claytonia sibiricaSiberian Miner's LettuceCommon plant of open areas. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region, but more of them in the southern portion.
Claytonia tuberosaTuberous spring beautyNo collections in ARCTOS from the region. Reported from Stikine River mouth, which is well south of where this species would otherwise normally be expected.
Montia bostockiiBostock's MontiaNo collections in ARCTOS from the region. E-flora BC shows a record in BC near the border outside of Haines.
Montia chamissoiToad-lilyFour collections in ARCTOS from the region, all from the northern part, including northern Chichagof Island, Snettisham (southeast of Juneau), Haines, and Yakutat.
Montia fontanaWater BlinksOnly three (georeferenced) collections from the region in ARCTOS, one from near Haines, the other two from the far southern mainland. Hulten indicates additional records from the vicinity of Lynn Canal, Sitka, and Yakutat.
Montia parvifoliaSmall-leaved MontiaCollections in ARCTOS primarily from the southern islands and the outer islands. Single collections from Juneau and Hyder, as well. This species appears to reach the northern end of its range in Southeast Alaska.