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Family: Polygonaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Bistorta viviparaAlpine BistortFairly Common plant of open meadows from sea level to the low alpine. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Fallopia convolvulusBlack BindweedThree collections in ARCTOS, one from Sitka (1954), and two from Haines (2000, 2004). A number of reports in AKEPIC database from Juneau, Skagway, and Haines, as well as two sites on Admiralty Island.
Fallopia japonicaJapanese KnotweedIntroduced weed with potential to be highly invasive. Collections in ARCTOS from a few communities in the region, reports in AKEPIC from many communities and associated road systems.
Fallopia sachalinensisGiant KnotweedA single 2004 collection in ARCTOS from Ketchikan and one 2006 report in AKEPIC database, also from Ketchikan (same location?) of this species. It's unclear whether this species may be confused with Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) (or vice versa)
Koenigia islandicaKoenigiaAnnual herb with somewhat fleshy alternate or opposite leaves with waxy stipules. Plants often reddish No (georeferenced) collections from the region in ARCTOS. Hulten indicates records from near Juneau and Skagway.
Oxyria digynaMountain SorrelEdible herb of gravel bars and well drained rocky sites of upper elevations Collections from across the region in ARCTOS, though most are from the mainland.
Persicaria amphibiaWater SmartweedTwo (georeferenced) collections in ARCTOS, both from the vicinity of Yakutat.
Persicaria hydropiperWater-pepperThree collections in ARCTOS, two from Ketchikan (same time and location) from 1951, and one from a tributary creek of the Chickamin River in 1995.
Persicaria lapathifoliumCurlytop KnotweedA single collection from 1925 in Juneau is the only record from the region in ARCTOS. Additional more recent reports AKEPIC database from Prince of Wales Island.
Persicaria maculosaSpotted Lady's-thumbA single record in AKEPIC database of a 1941 report from Sitka.
Polygonum achoreumLeathery KnotweedNo collections in ARCTOS nor reports in AKEPIC from the region.
Polygonum aviculareProstrate KnotweedCollections in ARCTOS from northern inside mainland, and Freshwater Bay on Chichagof Island. Many reports in AKEPIC database from Haines and Skagway area as well as Juneau. Additional reports from Gustavus and Freshwater Bay.
Polygonum fowleriFowler's KnotweedOnly a handful of collections in ARCTOS, including Revillagigedo, Baranof, and Chichagof Islands, Endicott River Mouth, and Pleasant Island near Gustavus.
Polygonum humifusumAlaska KnotweedA 1946 from Haines is the only (georeferenced) collection in ARCTOS from the region.
Polygonum minimumBroadleaf KnotweedTwo collections in ARCTOS, one from near Haines in 1951, the other from Shakes Glacier in 1993. Reported as introduced in the Preliminary Checklist, e-Flora BC and FNA treat this species as native.
Polygonum ramosissimumBushy KnotweedOne collection (as P. prolificum) in ARCTOS from Chichagof Island. A single pre-1941 report from Klukwan (in Hulten, cited in AKEPIC).
Rumex acetosellaSheep SorrelCollection in ARCTOS and many reports in AKEPIC from across the region, primarily in communities and/or associated road systems, but also a few from other remote locations of human impact.
Rumex arcticusArctic DockFour collections in ARCTOS from the region, Kruzof Island (2013), Kelp Bay (Baranof Island - 2000), and the southern end of Admiralty Island (2000) all seem a little out of place given the overall range of the species. There is also one 2003 collection from the Malaspina forelands.
Rumex crispusCurly DockOnly a couple of (georeferenced) collections in ARCTOS. Reports in AKEPIC database from across much of the region (except north gulf coast and Yakutat)
Rumex longifoliusGarden DockTwo (georeferenced) collections in ARCTOS from Juneau (1971) and Port Armstrong (2000). Two additional reports in AKEPIC from Prince of Wales Island (2005).
Rumex obtusifoliusBitter DockA small number of collections in ARCTOS, with more reports from AKEPIC database. Primarily from Sitka, but also Skagway, Hoonah, and Kake, with a few other locations at more remote locations.
Rumex occidentalisWestern DockCollections in ARCTOS from across the region (though most are under synonyms)
Rumex transitoriusBeach DockSeveral collections in ARCTOS from the northern half of the region (Baranof Island and north), with one from Hyder being the only collection in the southern part.