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Family: Polemoniaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Collomia linearisNarrow-leaf collomiaThree pre-1940 collections by Anderson from Skagway (1) and Hyder (2), and one 1968 collection from Skagway appear to be the only reports of this species from the region.
Gillia capitataBluehead GiliaA pre-1941 report from Metlakatla (in Huten, included in AKEPIC database) is the only report of this species from the region.
Microsteris gracilisSlender PhloxAKEPIC cites Hulten and a record from 1909 in Haines. Hulten's flora indicates two records (the second appears to be from Juneau).
Polemonium acutiflorumTall Jacob's-ladderA few (georeferenced) collections from the region, including Haines (1946), Yakutat (Situk River, 1977 and 1991), northern Admiralty Island (1999 and 2009), and the road system of Hecata Island (2004).
Polemonium borealeNorthern Jacob's-ladderApparently no collections in ARCTOS of this species - records that come up in a search are all Pretty Jacob's-ladder (Polemonium pulcherrimum). The nearest collection records appear to be from just north of the region.
Polemonium pulcherrimumPretty Jacob's-ladderCollections in ARCTOS primarily from the Lynn Canal region, but also one each from the Stikine River, Admiralty Island, and Chichagof Island.