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Family: Plantaginaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Collinsia parvifloraBlue-eyed MaryTwo collections in ARCTOS - both from along the Haines highway.
Digitalis purpureaFoxgloveOnly a handful of collections in ARCTOS. Many reports in AKEPIC database from throughout most of the region (though not Yakutat). Most reports are from communities and adjacent road systems.
Linaria vulgarisButter and EggsMany reports in AKEPIC database, primarily from upper Lynn Canal, but also reported from Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan.
Penstemon gormaniiGorman's BeardtoungueNo georeferenced collections in ARCTOS. Hulten indicates a collection from the vicinity of White Pass (though it's unclear which side of the border it is on). The overall range of this species appears to generally be north of the region.
Penstemon procerusLittle-flower PenstemonA 1948 collection from Haines is the only one in ARCTOS of this species from the region.
Penstemon serrulatusSerrulate PenstemonOn georeferenced collection in ARCTOS from near Hyder (though in BC). Location information for other collections not available through website.
Plantago eriopodaSaline PlantainCollections from Yukon and far northern BC. All seem to be well inland, so this species is probably unlikely to occur in the region.
Plantago lanceolataNarrowleaf PlantainCollection in ARCTOS from Hyder and Hanus Bay (Baranof Island), with additional AKEPIC reports from Prince of Wales (a single report) and Juneau (two reports)
Plantago macrocarpaAlaska PlantainCollections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Plantago majorCommon PlantainCollections in ARCTOS from as early as 1939. Reports in AKEPIC database from across the region in areas that have been subject to development.
Plantago maritimaGoosetongueMany collections in ARCTOS from throughout the region.
Veronica americanaAmerican SpeedwellCollections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Veronica anagallis-aquaticaWater SpeedwellNo georeferenced collections in ARCTOS. A single point from Hydaburg in the AKEPIC database refers to a 1968 report from Hulten. This appears to be the only record of this species in the region.
Veronica arvensisCorn SpeedwellA 1983 collection in ARCTOS from Craig and Anderson's 1918 publication (referenced in AKEPIC) appear to be the only published reports from the region.
Veronica chamaedrysGermander SpeedwellAn old (pre-1950) report from Sitka by Hulten (in AKEPIC database) as well as collections from Ketchikan (1979), and Juneau area (2012) in ARCTOS.
Veronica officinalisCommon SpeedwellAKEPIC database has a number of reports from the Ketchikan road system, and another from Kake. ARCTOS has a collection from near Hoonah, and the species has also been reported from Sitka.
Veronica peregrinaNeckweedAKEPIC databse includes an old report from Skagway by Anderson (1920). No (georeferenced) collections in ARCTOS. Hulten's map includes records at Juneau and Ketchikan as well.
Veronica persicaBirdeye SpeedwellNo (georeferenced) collections in ARCTOS. Anderson (1918) reported this species in Juneau (referenced in AKEPIC database).
Veronica scutellataSkullcap SpeedwellNo collections in ARCTOS from the region. Nearest collections indicated on eFlora BC map are one from Haida Gwaii and a few others well inland in Yukon Territory.
Veronica serpyllifoliaThyme-leaf SpeedwellA few georeferenced collections in ARCTOS from across the region (though there are big gaps).
Veronica wormskjoldiiAlpine SpeedwellCollections in ARCTOS from across much of the region, though more from the mainland than islands.