Plagiomnium medium

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Plagiomnium medium:

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  • FNA page for Plagiomnium medium Plagiomnium medium has most often been confused with 2. P. ciliare and 7. P. insigne; see the discussions of those species. The considerable morphological variation within P. medium may also reflect confusion with at least one undescribed species. One British Columbian collection that closely resembles P. medium is dioicous and has larger leaves and laminal cells. The leaf marginal teeth in P. medium are often hooked forward when composed of multiple cells.

Other References

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Yakutat Bay, Disenchantment Bay, Point Gustavus (Cardot and Theriot, 1902), Augustine Bay and Swifts Cannery (Holzinger and Frye, 1912). Probably throughout.
Habitat: Wet soils in forests, by streams, etc.
Comments: usually with sporophytes.

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