Plagiomnium insigne

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Badge Moss (Plagiomnium insigne): Fairly common upright moss with oval leaves and toothed leaf margins. Frequently having multiple sporophytes with nodding capsules.

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  • FNA page for Plagiomnium insigne Plagiomnium insigne is typically a large species, often forming extensive mats or turfs. It is fairly common in forests and in shaded urban habitats along the west coast. Plagiomnium medium is usually smaller, lighter green, and found in generally wetter habitats than P. insigne. According to T. J. Koponen (1974), older fertile stems of P. medium are more densely covered with rhizoids than those of P. insigne that are nearly rhizoid free.

Other References

Worley's Map of Collection Records for Plagiomnium insigne

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Throughout.
Habitat: In shaded sites, usually where moist or wet, along streams, in seeps, by lakes, on forest paths, on organic soils and rotting wood. Never above the upper limit of the forest, usually at lower elevations.
Comments: Frequently with sporophytes, though less commonly in the northern part of southeastern Alaska.

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