Plagiomnium ellipticum

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Plagiomnium ellipticum:

Local Notes

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  • FNA page for Plagiomnium ellipticum Plagiomnium ellipticum often forms wide mats over litter and organic soil in wetland habitats. The species is morphologically variable, especially with respect to leaf margin serration and plant size. Collections from higher latitudes frequently lack marginal teeth. The larger size and the longer, pitted laminal cells of P. ellipticum readily distinguish it from the similar P. rostratum.

Other References

Ian Worley
[as Plagiomnium rugicum]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Known only from Lake Bennett near the Alaskan Border at White Pass (Williams, 1901).
Habitat: From wet areas, the margins of fens, meadows, near lakes, etc. From sea level to the subalpine.
Comments: Frequently with sporophytes.

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