Plagiochila gracilis

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Plagiochila gracilis: Worley indicates this species is known only from the outer islands. PacNW herbarium database shows no collections of this species from Southeast Alaska (only from the Aleutian Islands).

Worley used P. firma confusa - Plants of British Columbia: Scientific and Common Names of Vascular Plants, Bryophytes, and Lichens indicates this should be P. schoefieldiana which FNA treatment includes as synonym of P. gracilis (but doesn't mention P. firma confusa)

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Plagiochila firma confusa

Ian Worley
[as Plagiochila firma confusa]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Known only from the outer islands in the “Wet Climate” zone.
Habitat: In canyons and avalanche [chutes], also along streams, usually on soil over rocks or on cliff shelves.

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