Plagiochila asplenioides

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Plagiochila asplenioides: Worley indicates this species is found throughout the region. PacNW herbarium database currently treats this as a synonym of Plagiochila porelloides (October 2022).

FNA note: Plagiochila asplenioides and P. porelloides were confused until recently, and almost all records of P. asplenioides may be P. porelloides. The range of P. asplenioides is currently uncertain and needs to be checked carefully. [1]

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Other References

Worley's Map of Collection Records for Plagiochila asplenioides

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: See Map 82. Throughout. [as Plagiochila major] See Map 84. Throughout.
Habitat: In diverse habitats: forest floors, decaying wood, on most forest substrates, boulders, cliffs, gorges, mineral soils, most frequently in shaded sites, but occasionally in bright sunshine and dry environments. From sea level to the subalpine.

[as Plagiochila major] Widespread and common, usually on forest soils, occasionally on canyon walls. Frequently as individual strands among forest floor mosses. Often in rather wet areas, but generally in mesic sites.
Comments: [as Plagiochila major] Often with sporophytes.

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