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Family: Pinaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Abies amabilisPacific Silver FirKnown from the extreme southeastern part of the region. A handful of collections from Revillagigedo Island and the mainland south of there.
Abies lasiocarpaSubalpine FirReported (and rumored) from scattered (sometimes isolated) locations throughout much of the region, collections of this species come from three primary areas, the coast mountains east of Lynn Canal, the coast mountains near Hyder, southern outer islands - Dall and Prince of Wales.
Picea glaucaWhite SpruceIt is unclear whether this species occurs in pure form in the region. Trees of hybrid origin of this species and P. sitchensis are known from northern river valleys and could reach the border along other transboundary rivers.
Picea sitchensisSitka SpruceVery common from sea level to the Montane Forest. Occassionally found in stunted form in subalpine and alpine habitats. Also may be found in a stunted form on small islets and wet meadows or fens. Attains largest size in well drained valley bottoms. Scattered collections from throughout the full length of the region but with many gaps - perhaps because the species is so common, there was little need to collect it.
Pinus contortaShore Pinevar. contorta expected throughout the region, with var. latifolia expected to occur in some locations where it has moved down transboundary rivers, especially in the north. Scattered collections from throughout much of the region, though much less on the outer islands.
Pseudotsuga menziesiiDouglas FirPlanted in some locations as a landscaping/ornamental tree.
Tsuga heterophyllaWestern HemlockAbundant in the region as the dominant species in many forested areas. There are collections from much of the region, but with significant gaps, perhaps due to this tree's ubiquity.
Tsuga mertensianaMountain HemlockThis coniferous tree often the dominant tree in montane forests near treeline. It is the most typical clump forming tree in subalpine parkland that also is commonly found growing in krummholz at exposed locations in the mountains. In muskegs and mixed scrubby stands at lower elevations it is still found, though less commonly. Although probably common throughout the region in its preferred habitats, there are only about 25 collections of this species in Arctos (with the biggest gap being from north of Sitka up along the Northern Gulf Coast - where perhaps it is less common? Also, with the exception of the single collection at Sitka, there are not really any collections from the central part of the region. )