Philonotis marchica

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Philonotis marchica:

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  • BFNA page for Philonotis marchica Philonotis marchica is recognized by the usually plane, singly serrulate leaf margins and the laminal cells bearing rounded prorulae near the distal ends. Philonotis capillaris, a species mainly of Pacific coastal habitats, shares with P. marchica the singly serrulated leaf margin; however, P. capillaris, in contrast to P. marchica, has a more or less decumbent, flaccid habit, more distant, widespread leaves, shorter and broader distal laminal cells and obscure prorulae in the basal half of the leaf.

Other References

Ian Worley
[as Philonotis muehlenbergii]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Known only from Juneau (Holzinger and Frye, 1921).
Habitat: I can find no reference to the habitat of this species, but it is probably the same as for the majority of the species of the genus.

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