Panellus serotinus

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Winter Oyster: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Panellus serotinus
Winter Oyster (Panellus serotinus): Winter oyster is one of the last of the large mushrooms to fruit in the fall. Mostly found on Red Alder (Alnus rubra) in riparian forests, it is easily recognized by the lack of a stem, thick flesh, creamy yellow gills and greenish cap.

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|microhabitat=on Red Alder |Date=11/12/08 |Habitat_Photo=20081112-panellus serotinus habitat.jpg |Cap_Color=Yellow, Green/Olive |Cape_Shape=Kidney, Fan-shaped |Gill_Color=cream |Stem_Shape=Lateral, Absent |Stem_Color=golden yellow |Habit=Imbricate

12/05/08 collected one mushroom that measured 7.5 inches across widest part of cap. Found individuals growing on standing dead hemlock (two seperate trees). The trees were also infected with [Fomitopsis pinicola].