Panellus longinquus

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Panellus longinquus: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Panellus longinquus
Panellus longinquus:

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|microhabitat=on Red Huckleberry |Location=Indian River Trail |Date=11/26/08 |Measure_Photo=20081128-IMG 2286.jpg |Close_Photo_1=20081128-IMG 2279.jpg |Close_Photo_2=Panellus slime layer 11 25 08.jpg |Cap_Color=White |Cape_Shape=Kidney |Cap_Margin=With Lines |Cap_surface=Viscid |Flesh_color=white |Flesh_character=Thin |Gill_Color=white |Stem_Shape=Absent |Stem_Color=White |Stem_Surface=viscid |Spore_Color=white |Milk=Absent |Habit=Gregarious

It is possible to peel off the viscid layer, but a bit of the flesh comes with the slime layer. The spores show an amyloid reaction with IKI This seems to be a color form of P. longinquus. Also found growing on Menziesia ferruginea. Growing on exposed roots of young windfall Sitka spruce.

On salmonberry, Menziesia, and huckleberry, western Hemlock, alder