Orthotrichum pulchellum

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Orthotrichum pulchellum: Scattered collected noted by Worley from across much of the region.

Separated from Orthotrichum consimile and Orthotrichum columbicum by reddish exostome.

From BFNA account: "Distinguished from all species of Ulota by the glabrous calyptra and immersed stomates, and from O. consimile by the 16, reddish exostome teeth that are papillose-reticulate with slender, high papillae, and by the stomates that are always located at or beyond the middle of the capsule. Also, O. pulchellum has plants that are rarely longer than 1 cm and the capsules are usually just barely exserted and oblong-cylindric."

Local Notes

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Other References

Worley's Map of Collection Records for Orthotrichum pulchellum

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Previously known from a few citations. Throughout.
Habitat: On trees and shrubs, especially on smaller twigs in semi-shade.
Comments: Usually with sporophytes.

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Found on domestic Hawthorn in shade garden behind the Pioneer Home