Orthopagurus minimus

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Toothshell hermit:
Toothshell hermit (Orthopagurus minimus): This species is a reasonably common but easily overlooked species in the subtidal of Sitka Sound. Samples collected in 2006-2007 north of Japonski Island represented the first and only collections of this species in Alaska, although it is almost certainly much more widespread. This species is easily confused with mobile specimens of Tube-worm hermit crab (Discorsopagurus schmitti) as both species are the only Alaskan hermits with symmetrical uropods and a straight abdomen. O. minimus can be distinguished by the fact that its right claw is twice as long as the left, as well as being much more robust. Also, the right claw of this species is rounded and flat for use as an 'operculum' (trap door) when in its toothshell home.

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