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Family: Orobanchaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Boschniakia hookeriVancouver groundconeClosest records mapped in e-Flora BC are from southern Haida Gwaii.
Boschniakia rossicaNorthern Ground-coneFairly Common parasitic plant associated with Sitka alder. Southeast Alaska may represent the southern extent of the range of this species west of the coast range. Collections in ARCTOS throughout much of the region, except the far southern parts. (No collections from further south along the coast in BC are indicated in e-flora BC.)
Castilleja hyperboreaNorthern paintbrushNo collection in ARCTOS from the region. There are several collections from the Haines triangle area of British Columbia, the overall distribution of this species makes it seem unlikely to occur on the coastal side of the coast mountains.
Castilleja miniataGiant Red PaintbrushMany collections from the region in ARCTOS. (Seems to be absent from Sitka Sound and the west side of Baranof Island.)
Castilleja pallidaGreen PaintbrushIncluded in Hall's 2010 treatment, there are apparently no collections in ARCTOS from the region - Hulten has C. caudata from southwestern Yukon Territory north.
Castilleja parvifloraMountain PaintbrushCommon perennial herb with showy magenta bracts found in subalpine and alpine meadows at or above treeline. Collections in ARCTOS mostly from the northern mainland but also some scattered throughout the rest of the region.
Castilleja tenuisHairy Indian PaintbrushReported from Skagway in the first half of the 1900s. No more recent reports of this introduced species - it is presumed to not be established. It is native to British Columbia, but limited to the far southern portion.
Castilleja unalaschcensisAlaska PaintbrushPerennial herb with simple, linear leaves and showy yellow bracts that is common in well drained meadows from sea level to the treeline.

Many collections in ARCTOS, especially from the outer coast and the northern mainland.

Pacific Northwest (southern BC to closest Aleutian Islands) endemic.
Euphrasia mollisSubalpine EyebrightSmall plant which is easy to overlook. It may be more common than currently thought. Several collections in ARCTOS from the northern mainland and outer islands.
Euphrasia nemorosaCommon EyebrightCollections in ARCTOS and reports in AKEPIC database, primarily from upper Lynn Canal and the southern half of the region. Also from Juneau and Yakutat.
Euphrasia subarcticaArctic EyebrightA handful of collections in ARCTOS, mostly from the northern mainland (with several in the database as E. disjuncta). A single record from Chichagof Island.
Pedicularis capitataCapitate LousewortThree collections in ARCTOS between upper end of Lynn Canal and the Canadian border.
Pedicularis labradoricaLabrador LousewortNo georeferenced collections in ARCTOS from the region. Eflora BC has collections indicated from just across the border along the Haines Highway.
Pedicularis lanataWooly LousewortThere are few collections/reports of this species from the region; most (all?) from the southern islands (Dall Island, Revillagigedo Island, and Prince of Wales Island). Given the relatively isolate occurrence of this species on the southern Southeast Alaska islands and Haida Gwaii (as opposed to much more continental distribution in the rest of BC - with the nearest other coastal collection well to the north at the Malaspina forelands), it may be worth investigating whether this coastal population shows genetic evidence of isolation during the last ice age.
Pedicularis langsdorfiiLangsdorf's LousewortNo collections georeferenced in ARCTOS from the region. There are several collections from the Haines Triangle of BC mapped on the e-Flora BC atlas.
Pedicularis macrodontaMuskeg LousewortOnly one collection in ARCTOS of this species. It has been considered a subspecies of Small-flowered Lousewort (Pedicularis parviflora) and it may be that some collections labeled under that name are of this species.
Pedicularis oederiOeder's LousewortScattered (georeferenced) records from across the region in ARCTOS. Additiona collections from the region may be in the non-georeferenced records.
Pedicularis ornithorhynchaDuck's Bill LousewortCollections in ARCTOS are all from the southern inside islands and mainland or Baranof Island. Apparently reaches the northern extent of its range in Southeast Alaska. Pacific Northwest Coast endemic.
Pedicularis parvifloraSmall-flowered LousewortCollections in ARCTOS primarily from the northern half of the region. It appears this species may reach its southernmost extent on the west coast of North America in Southeast Alaska.
Pedicularis sudeticaSudet LousewortCollections in ARCTOS from Juneau area and near Skagway, plus several in the vicinity of Yakutat.
Pedicularis verticillataWhorled LousewortCollections in ARCTOS are mostly from the west side of the outermost islands. There are also collections from near Juneau and Skagway. This species appears to reach its southern extent along the west coast on Haida Gwaii. Possible refugial candidate (with primary population present in the north and recolonizing southward from there)?
Rhinanthus minorRattleboxMost georeferenced collections in ARCTOS from the northern half of the region. One collection from Prince of Wales is the only from the south of the Sitka area.