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Family: Onagraceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Chamerion angustifoliumFireweedTall, pink flowered perennial commonly found in open locations, including roadsides and beaches. A few (georeferenced) collections scattered across the region.
Chamerion latifoliumRiver BeautyCommon herb of gravel bars and roadsides.

Collections in ARCTOS from across the region.

Northwest NA endemic.
Circaea alpinaEnchanter's NightshadeSmall perennial usually found forming a ground cover in forested wet areas, particularly common in riparian areas. Widely scattered collections from across the full extent of the region.
Epilobium anagallidifoliumAlpine WillowherbCollections in ARCTOS scattered across the region, though apparently none (that are georeferenced) from the northern islands. The taxonomy of this species is unclear - ARCTOS considers Epilobium alpinum a synonym, while The Plant List does not.
Epilobium ciliatumGlandular Willow-herbCollections in ARCTOS from throughout the region.
Epilobium davuricumNorthern Swamp WillowherbA single collection from the St. Elias mountains between Yakutat Bay and Icy Bay.
Epilobium hornemanniiHornemann's Willow-herbScattered collection in ARCTOS from across the region. Fewer on the outside islands.
Epilobium lactiflorumMilk-flower WillowherbApparently only four collection in ARCTOS considered this species, all from Juneau, Haines, or Skagway.
Epilobium leptocarpumSlenderfruit WillowherbA few collections in ARCTOS from the region, mostly from the northern part of the region.
Epilobium luteumYellow Willow-herbPerennial herb of high elevation meadows, reported from Chichagof Island Several collections in ARCTOS from somewhat scattered locations across the region.
Epilobium palustreSwamp Willow-herbOnly a handful of georeferenced collections from the region in ARCTOS, three from the Yakutat vicinity, one from Glacier Bay, and another from the Stikine River mouth. Non-georeferenced records in ARCTOS included additional collections from Chichagof Island (Idaho Inlet), Skagway, and three from the Juneau vicinity.
Epilobium x treleasianumHybrid Willow-herbThree collections in ARCTOS from the region, including Russel Fjord, Taku Inlet, and Admiralty Island. Also a fourth from adjacent British Columbia near Hyder.