Observation:SBBP 180

From Natural History of Southeast Alaska
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banded_species Dark-eyed Junco
Observation Type Sight Observation
Observer(s) Karen Johnson
Observation_location_name 419 Verstovia Ave.
Observation_location_coordinates 57.061141862096, -135.33853769302
Observation Date 2013/02/13
Observation_time 1200-1300

SpeciesLeft LegRight LegCountColor GroupLocation
Dark-eyed JuncoUncertainAluminum only4419 Verstovia Ave.

Project Overview

Didn't get a chance to look for color of band. Two groups came about a half hour apart. Approx. 30 in each flock. 3-5 Chickadees mixed in and one song sparrow.(who resides here to be close to his friend seen in my car's side mirrors)