Observation:SBBP 073

From Natural History of Southeast Alaska
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banded_species Dark-eyed Junco
Observation Type Sight Observation
Observer(s) Carole Knuth
Observation_location_name 114 Bahrt Circle
Observation_location_coordinates 57.0625002, -135.3350372
Observation Date 2012/12/29
Observation_time 0700-0800

SpeciesLeft LegRight LegCountColor GroupLocation
Dark-eyed JuncoNoneNone3SBBP ORJU LN-RN114 Bahrt Circle
Dark-eyed JuncoNoneAluminum over White1SBBP ORJU L-RAW114 Bahrt Circle

Project Overview

Banded bird was the largest & bossiest. I believe it was a female.