Observation:Anon 5

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Date 2013/06/08
Observer(s) Bill Taylor
Coordinates 57.056602936755, -135.33512592316
Locale Sitka
Location Name Swan Lake
Summary Notes on observation (below) by Steve Heinl.
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Species Observed: Bobolink

This bird was reported by Bill P. Taylor. He had been visiting Sitka to do some fishing and went birding in the morning at Swan Lake. He was birding along the shore just west (north?) of the park benches and heard a “chuck” call. He then saw a bird in the reeds. He said he saw the black face and chest and black, pointed bill, and then saw the bird had buff on the back of the head and nape before it flew off. He looked for the bird again in the afternoon and relocated it in the same spot. This time he saw it very well. He again noted the buffy nape patch and black face and underparts. He also noted stripes on the back, white scapulars, and white rump. The bird gave a “chuck” call repeatedly. There was also a pair of Red-winged Blackbirds in the area (fide Matt Goff) and he saw them both as well.

Reported to me via phone call on 16 June 2013 – Steve Heinl