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Family: Nymphalidae

Group: Terrestrial Invertebrate, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Aglais milbertiMilbert's Tortoise ShellApparently wanders widely in Southeast Alaska, though infrequently observed.
Boloria alaskensisMountain FritillaryReported from just north of border near Haines - may occur in Southeast Alaska at times.
Boloria charicleaArctic FritillarySkagway north to Canadian Border.
Boloria improbaDingy FritillaryReported from just over Candian Border near Haines. May occur in Southeast Alaska on occasion.
Nymphalis antiopaMourning Cloak
Vanessa atalantaRed Admiral
Vanessa carduiPainted LadyIt's unclear how often this species is naturally occurring, as it is commonly available for rearing projects with adults being subsequently released.