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Family: Noctuidae

Group: Terrestrial Invertebrate, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Actebia balanitis
Actebia fennicaBlack Army Cutworm
Alypia langtoniSkagway
Amphipoea americanaAmerican Ear MothReported from Revillagigedo Island and Sitka (where it to be a reasonably common visitor to UV light). The orange color and pattern seems pretty distinctive and is not likely to be confused with other species expected from the region.
Anaplectoides prasinaHaines;Revillagigedo Island
Anaplectoides pressusHaines; Ketchikan
Apamea aliaHaines
Apamea amputatrixKetchikan
Apamea cogitataThoughtful Apamea
Apamea contradicta
Apamea devastator
Apamea indocilisKetchikan
Apamea inficitaSkagway
Apamea remissaHaines
Apamea sordensHaines;Sitka
Apamea vultuosaHaines;Sitka;Ketchikan
Autographa amplaHaines
Autographa coruscaCaramel Looper
Autographa metallica
Autographa pseudogammaDelicate Silver Y
Cerastis enigmaticaEnigmatic Dart
Cerastis salicarumWillow Dart
Cucullia strigataKetchikan
Dargida procinctusOlive Green Cutworm
Diarsia esurialisHaines;Ketchikan
Eremobina claudensDark-winged Quaker
Euplexia benesimilisAmerican Angle Shades
Eurois astricta
Eurois occultaGreat Brocade Moth
Euxoa campestris
Euxoa divergens
Euxoa infaustaHaines
Euxoa nomas
Euxoa rufulaHaines
Fishia illocataWandering Brocade
Graphiphora augur
Helotropha reniformisReniform Celaena Moth
Hyppa contrastaNot currently confirmed from the region, this species has been found on the Kenai Peninsula and Haida Gwaii, and seems likely to occur in Southeast Alaska as well.
Lacanobia nevadaeNevada Arches MothReported from South Central AK and coastal BC.
Lacinipolia olivaceaHaines
Lasionycta mutilataDeer Mountain;Ketchikan
Leucania diaKetchikan
Lithomoia germana
Melanchra pulverulentaKetchikan
Mniotype tenera
Mythimna oxygalaKetchikan
Mythimna yukonensisHaines
Neoligia subjunctaHaines
Noctua pronubaYellow-underwing MothIntroduced species that has spread across North America. First reported in Alaska from Haines in 2005. Present in Sitka, and presumably elsewhere in the region, by Summer 2006. Despite highly variable coloration, this species is distinctive due to its size and shape, as well as the orange-yellow hind wings. Flies from July through September.
Ochropleura implectaKetchikan
Orthosia hibisciSpeckled Green Fruitworm MothSitka and Ketchikan
Orthosia revictaKetchikan
Panthea virginariusKetchikan
Papestra cristiferaApparently not yet confirmed in the region, it has been found north (in South Central) and south (coastal BC).
Phlogophora periculosaKetchikan
Plusia nichollaeHaines
Polia nimbosaHaines
Polia purpurissataHaines
Protolampra rufipectusKetchikan
Pseudohermonassa flavotincta
Pseudorthodes irrorataHaines
Pyrrhia exprimensPurple-Lined Sallow
Sunira verberataBattered Sallow Moth
Syngrapha aliasHaines;Ketchikan
Syngrapha boreaPresence in the region based on one report from Sitka with a photo id. Given overall distribution of this species which seems to be non-coastal, further confirmation is probably warranted.
Syngrapha celsa
Syngrapha octoscriptaKetchikan
Syngrapha orophilaDeer Mountain;Ketchikan
Syngrapha viridisigmaKetchikan
Xestia bryantiJuneau
Xestia c-nigrumSetaceous Hebrew Character
Xestia finatimisHaines
Xestia mixtaWhale Pass
Xestia oblataHaines
Xestia perquiritataHaines
Xestia smithiiHaines;Ketchikan
Xylena nuperaAmerican Swordgrass Moth