Mnium lycopodioides

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Mnium lycopodioides: FNA treatment distribution doesn't include Alaska and notes this species is difficult to distinguish from M. marginatum. The latter's range does include Alaska, but it was not included by Worley.

Local Notes

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  • FNA page for Mnium lycopodioides Mnium lycopodioides is often difficult to separate from M. marginatum. This is reflected in herbarium collections where many, in particular sterile, specimens of M. marginatum have been identified as M. lycopodioides. Mnium lycopodioides usually has narrower leaves, although some collections of M. marginatum have narrow leaves, with narrow leaf margins composed of two or three rows of cells. Mnium lycopodioides has a shorter rostrum on the calyptra, a useful character with fertile collections.

Other References

Worley's Map of Collection Records for Mnium lycopodioides

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: See map 267. Not previously reported
Habitat: On moist or wet cliffs and rocks, also on soil, especially in calcareous situations.
Comments: Frequently with sprophytes. These reports appear to be the northernmost in North America.

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