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Family: Liparidae

Group: Fish, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Careproctus gilbertismalldisk snailfishAppears to be a single collection from northern inside waters.
Careproctus melanurussblacktail snailfishCollected once offshore of southern Southeast Alaska.
Careproctus rastrinussalmon snailfishCollected several times in the northern half of the region.
Careproctus scottaepeachskin snailfishDescribed from collections near Petersburg, this species is thought likely to be a synonym of salmon snailfish (Careproctus rastrinus)
Careproctus spectrumstippled snailfishAt least three collection frorm inside waters.
Elassodiscus caudatushumpback snailfishSingle collection from Stephens Passage
Liparis callyodonspotted snailfishExpected throughout the region in intertidal areas.
Liparis catharuspurity snailfishSpecies known from only a single collection in Bradfield Canal.
Liparis cyclopusribbon snailfishExpected throghout the region.
Liparis dennyimarbled snailfishExpected throughout the region.
Liparis floraetidepool snailfishFound throughout the region where it is expected to be the most abundant snailfish in exposed coastal tidepools.
Liparis fucensisslipskin snailfishExpected throughout the region.
Liparis gibbusvariegated snailfishExpected throughout the region.
Liparis greenilobefin snailfishA few collections scattered throughout the region.
Liparis mucosusslimy snailfishDocumented from Samsing Cove and Baker Island in the southern outer part of the region.
Liparis pulchellusshowy snailfishExpected throughout the region.
Liparis rutteriringtail snailfishCollections from the far northern and southern parts of the region.
Lipariscus nanuspygmy snailfishThree collections from Chatham Strait and Lynn Canal.
Nectoliparis pelagicustadpole snailfishSeveral collections in the region.
Paraliparis cephalusswellhead snailfishNo reports from the region, but likely to occur on the continental slope, given occurrence on either side of Southeast Alaska.
Paraliparis deaniprickly snailfishSeveral collections mostly from northern inside waters.
Paraliparis paucidenstoothless snailfishCollected in Dixon Entrance just south of the border.