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Family: Liliaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Clintonia unifloraBride's BonnetCollections from as far north as Chichagof and Admiralty Island. Appears to be absent from the outer coast. Reaches northern extent of its range in Southeast Alaska.
Fritillaria camschatcensisNorthern Rice RootMany collections from throughout the region.
Lloydia serotinaAlplilyA few scattered collections from the outer islands and northern mainland.
Streptopus amplexifoliusClasping TwistedstalkCommon plant of open coniferous forest, mostly at low elevations. Edible shoots when young (with cucumber-like flavor), but note superficial resemblance to poisonous Corn Lily (Veratrum viride). Most easily distinguished from Rosy Twistedstalk (S. lanceolatus) and Small Twistedstalk (S. streptopoides) by large size and branching stems. Collections from throughout the region.
Streptopus lanceolatusRosy TwistedstalkCommon herb often found on the forest floor, especially near edges where there is only moderate shading, from low to elevations to treeline. Distinguished most easily from other Clasping twistedstalks (S. amplexifolius) and Small Twistedstalk (Streptopus streptopoides) by rosy colored flowers and intermediate size without branching stems. Collections appear to be from Juneau and south in the region. Southeast Alaska may represent the northwestern most edge of the range.
Streptopus streptopoidesSmall TwistedstalkCommon small herb of coniferous forest. Seems to favor shaded mossy floors of mature coniferous forest, where it can be abundant. Georeferenced collections from the region almost entirely from the central portion of the region.