Lepas anatifera

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Pelagic Goose-neck Barnacle:
Pelagic Goose-neck Barnacle (Lepas anatifera): This barnacle has an elongated stalk, which gave it the name "goose neck barnacle" (and also gave a Northern European goose the name "Barnacle goose," as it was once thought that stalked barnacles were embryonic geese). Unlike its close relative Goose-neck barnacle (Pollicipes polymerus), the pelagic goose neck barnacle is usually not found attached to rocks and other solid structures exposed to severe pounding by the surf, but rather is found attached to jetsam and flotsam that has floated in from the open ocean. Another species in our region, even more pelagic, is Scalpellum columbianum, which is made up of more plates and has some small plates on the stalk, and the fascinating Lepas fascicularis, which makes its own float around a tiny floating object.

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