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Family: Lentibulariaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Pinguicula villosaHairy ButterwortOnly four collections in ARCTOS, two from Sitka (1958 and 2004), one from Douglas Island (1962), and one from Revillagigedo Island (1963).
Pinguicula vulgarisCommon Butterwort30+ Collection in ARCTOS from throughout the region (though some gaps - such as no georeferenced collections from Admiralty Island).
Utricularia intermediaFlat-leaf BladderwortA few scattered collections in ARCTOS spanning the region.
Utricularia macrorhizaCommon BladderwortApparently no collections in ARCTOS from the region, though Hulten has marks near Haines and Annette Island.
Utricularia minorLesser BladderwortOnly a few collections, all from the Stikine River south on the mainland or near islands.