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Family: Juncaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Juncus alpinoarticulatusAlpine RushCollections from across much of the region, though more in the northern third.
Juncus arcticusArctic RushCollections from throughout the region
Juncus articulatusJointed RushTwo collections from the far south in ARCTOS. Also reported from Stewart, BC (next to Hyder). Hulten indicates an isolated record from West Chichagof.
Juncus biglumisTwo-flowered rushA single 1950s collection from Kupreanof Island, a collection from the Juneau Icefield, two from White Pass, and one from the Malaspina forelands.
Juncus bufoniusToad RushScattered collections, all but one from the northern 1/3 of the region. Also an old collection from Ketchikan. (Includes J. ranarius?)
Juncus castaneusChestnut RushCollections from Chichagof Island and north.
Juncus covilleiCoville's RushA single collection from Sitkoh Lake where it was described as 'common' on the sands and gravels of the lake shore.
Juncus drummondiiDrummond's RushScattered collections from across the region.
Juncus dudleyiDudley's RushNo collections from the region in the PacNW herbaria consortium database. FNA map includes a dot near Skagway/Haines, and includes an area near (possibly including) the far southern mainland of the region.
Juncus effususBog RushA few collections from as far north as Juneau. This species may reach its northern limits in North America in the region (there is a single isolated collection from Prince William Soun).
Juncus ensifoliusDagger-leaf RushCollections from across much of the region except the northern gulf coast.
Juncus falcatusSickle-leaved RushScattered collections from north to south, with most along the northern gulf coast. None from the mainland, otherwise.
Juncus filiformisThread rushPerennial rhizomatous with round stems and sheath-like leaves Collections mostly from the southern inside part of the region, but also from Baranof Island and Admiralty Island. Additional collections from near the Copper River suggest this species could be expected throughout the region.
Juncus mertensianusMertens' RushCollections from across the region (though none from Chichagof Island)
Juncus nodosusKnotted RushApparently only a single (1927) collection from Gravina Island (not georeferenced). No other collections are georeferenced in the Pacific Northwest Herbaria consortium database from anywhere near Southeast Alaska.
Juncus stygiusMoor RushTwo collections in ARCTOS from the region, one (1963) collection from Wrangell, ad one (1982) collection from Etolin Island (though the label on that one says J. triglumis with no contradicting annotation).
Juncus supiniformisHairy-leaf RushSeveral collections mostly from the western parts of the region, and none from the northeastern mainland.
Juncus tenuisPoverty RushA single collection from Ketchikan is the only one mapped in the PacNW Herbaria consortium database. There is one also from Steward, BC.
Juncus triglumisThree-flowered RushA few scattered collections from the western half of the region.
Luzula arcuataAlpine WoodrushCollections primarily from the northern half of the region, but also a handful of collections from the far southern mainland.
Luzula comosaPacific WoodrushTwo collections from the region in Pacific NW herbaria consortium database - one from Wrangell, the other (a range extension) from the Yakutat forelands.
Luzula kjellmanianaTundra spikerushNo collections from the region in the Pacific NW herbaria consortium database - but Hulten indicates a record from the vicinity of the Taku River. FNA distribution map includes the area between upper Lynn Canal and the BC border.
Luzula multifloraCommon WoodrushCollections from across the region.
Luzula parvifloraSmall-flowered WoodrushMany collections from throughout the region.
Luzula piperiPiper's WoodrushA few scattered collections from the region identified as this species.
Luzula rufescensHairy woodrushThree collections from the region, all from the outer coast (and far away from most collections and the expected range given in FNA account). If collection IDs are correct - possible relict from refugial population?
Luzula spicataSpiked WoodrushCollections from the mainland north of Juneau. Also, a single collection from Revillagigedo Island (which may need a second look - could be a mis-id, as it doesn't look much like e-Flora BC photos of the species).
Luzula wahlenbergiiWahlenberg's WoodrushCollections from across much of the region, but none from the southern outer islands, nor the northern gulf coast.