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Family: Hypnaceae

Group: Bryophyte, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Buckiella undulataFairly common moss of coniferous forests. Grows on ground, decaying wood and occasionally as an epiphyte on the lowermost boles of trees
Herzogiella adscendens
Herzogiella striatella
Hypnum bambergeri
Hypnum callichroum
Hypnum circinaleAbundant as an epiphyte at low elevations. Found on both living trees and dead wood. Easy to observe along trails close to town.
Hypnum cupressiformeNearest report is from Kuiu Island.
Hypnum dieckii
Hypnum hamulosum
Hypnum lindbergii
Hypnum pallescens
Hypnum plicatulum
Hypnum pratense
Hypnum revolutum
Hypnum subimponens
Isopterygiopsis muelleriana
Isopterygiopsis pulchella
Orthothecium chryseum
Orthothecium strictum
Platydictya jungermannioides
Pseudotaxiphyllum elegansSmall Flat Moss
Ptilium crista-castrensisKnight's Plume Moss
Pylaisiella polyantha