Hygrophorus hypothejus

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Herald of Winter: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Hygrophorus hypothejus
Herald of Winter (Hygrophorus hypothejus):

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|microhabitat=in sphagnum |Location=Indian River Valley, Lower Gavan Trail |Date=10/30/08, 1 November 2008 |Habitat_Photo=20081101-IMG 1552.jpg |Close_Photo_1=20081101-IMG 1564.jpg |Cap_Color=Orange, Dark Brown |Cape_Shape=Convex |Cap_Margin=Straight |Cap_surface=Smooth |Flesh_color=pale cream |Gill_Characterisitics=Decurrent, Waxy |Gill_Color=pale yellow/cream |Stem_Shape=Equal |Stem_Color=yellow |Stem_Surface=viscid |Spore_Color=white |Milk=Absent |Odor=not noticable |Habit=Scattered

In long muskeg. Cap edge is brownish orange, center of cap is dark. Cap was somewhat viscid Gills distant Gill trama parallel